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Do you use eco-friendly paints?

The harmful stuff in paint is what they call VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds); most of the paints we use are either low VOC or no VOC, which means they’re pretty good for the environment and are well below acceptable VOC levels.

Do you use latex or oil-based paints?

We primarily use latex paint. Today’s modern latex paints are the best choice for typical homeowner applications. Latex paints offer quick dry times, a wider range of colors, better mildew resistance, better fade resistance, and are environmentally responsible. The problem with solvent oil based paints is pollution. A gallon of solvent-based paint contains about 2 quarts of mineral spirits. These solvents evaporate into the air as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as the paint dries. Not only does it smell bad but it is unhealthy for you and bad for the environment. The bottom line is this: the technology has shifted so dramatically that your best choice in most situations will be latex paint. Eventually, latex may become your only choice.

What are the different paint sheens and where should I use them?

Paints are usually identified by their sheens. There is an array of paint sheens you can use for residential applications. Typical sheens for residential painting include semi-gloss, low sheen, satin, eggshell, matte and flat.

Semi-gloss is shiny and reflective. It provides maximum durability, is washable, and can be scrubbed. It is stain and moisture resistant. The only drawback with semi-gloss paints is that they highlight drywall defects (thus more preparation) and do not touch up well. This paint is ideal for interior trim as well as kitchen, bathroom and laundry room walls and ceilings.

Low sheen, low luster, eggshell, pearl and satin are all fancy names for similar sheens. The sheen names vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. These finishes have a slight sheen and are less reflective than semi-gloss. Since their percentage of sheen varies, it is best to ask the manufacturer about the amount of sheen in them. These paints are washable and can be scrubbed. Again, the only drawback with these paints are that they highlight drywall defects (thus more preparation) and do not touch up well. This paint is ideal for high traffic areas like stairways, hallways, and kids’ rooms. It is typically used on walls.

Flat or matte is just what it sounds like. It has little to no sheen and appears flat and non-reflective. Flat paint hides imperfections in drywall well and can be touched up beautifully for years to come. The only downfall to flat paint is it is not as washable as some other paints. This paint is ideal for most common areas and is typically used on ceiling and walls.

Will you be spraying, brushing, or rolling the paint on?

Unless otherwise stated, 95% of our work is “brushed and rolled”. People prefer the look, and we feel it is best suited for residential painting. Spraying paint can be extremely messy and damaging if not done correctly, especially outdoors where other homes are within close proximity.

Should I buy the paint?

People ask this question all the time to see if they can save money. Whereas most companies will charge a markup on paint of up to 50%, we only charge for the time that it takes us to go get it. We pay less as professionals because we have accounts with the vendors, so you’ll probably pay less through us than you would if you bought the paint yourself. Don’t forget to factor in what your personal time is worth.

Will there be a lot of paint fumes?

There will be some fumes, but they will be dissipated by the end of the workday. All products that we use are “low-odor,” which cuts down on fumes. There may be a slight “new paint smell,” but as far as fumes, they will not be in the air. Ask us about low or “no VOC” eco-friendly paints.

Can you help choosing color?

Yes! If you hire us for your painting project, you can request a color consultation with our Sherwin Williams paint representative, free of charge.

What brand of paint do you use?

We use Sherwin Williams paint. We get our best pricing with them and feel that they offer a solid product with the best value for the money. When we get better pricing, that savings can be passed on to the customer. We know that people have individual paint brands they prefer as well, so we are more than willing to use those brands.