At All American Painting Plus, the award winning, Reston-based residential painting contractor, we have noticed an uptick in the number of Northern Virginia customers jumping in on the barn door trend. These rustic inspired alternatives to swinging doors are becoming exceptionally popular in homes of all styles and themes.

Essentially, a barn door is an oversized door that slides on an overhead rail rather than swinging open on hinges. The design dates back to the 1700s. Today the outdoors entry way has been brought inside to provide a unique décor touch to the interior. Barn doors have been used to replace any kind of door or folding closet door as pictured above. Another popular trend is using them much the same way pocket doors are used, as a way to temporarily close off one space from another.

So why should customers call a painting business to install a barn door? True we are best known for our painting services as professional exterior and interior house painters, but we do more than just paint. Our “Plus” services include a crew of talented craftsmen who are skilled at carpentry and other trades. Installing a barn door can be tricky, and to do it right requires a knowledge of carpentry. These solid antiques are heavy, and they are hung from drywall. You don’t want to make a mistake.

Does a Barn Door Make Sense for your Northern Virginia home?

Before you commit to a barn door there are a few things to consider:

  • Take a look at the space where you would like to add the barn door. Is there room next to the door equal to the width of the barn door? Remember this door slides and will need enough space if it is going to be fully opened.
  • Is the sliding area clear of light switches, outlets, air vents, windows, or other doors?
  • Barn doors really aren’t as convenient as swinging or folding doors. Their principal value is aesthetic. Like pocket doors, they function best if they stay either open or closed.

It seems everyone makes barn doors and rails today. There are numerous door designs and materials to choose from. If you acquire an actual reclaimed barn door, you face some special challenges like weathered wood with spots of wet and dry rot and wood burrowing insects. Not a problem though. At All American Painting Plus we can restore it so you get the antique look without the wood falling off or insects taking up residence in your walls.

Make Your Barn Door Uniquely Yours

If you want a totally unique look, just let us know what it is. We can build a custom design and install it for you. Like most things in life, you can buy off the rack or invest in something tailor made. Usually we save the tailor made items for things that are very important to us or that we are passionate about.

If you are passionate about your home’s décor we can help you to identify the specifics of a tailor made barn door in your home. Our house painters really enjoy the opportunity to get creative. They can transform that off the rack barn door into a piece that reflects your personal tastes.

If there is a barn door in your future, call the professionals that have the experience and talent to turn it into a truly remarkable addition at an affordable price. Contact All American Painting Plus now!