Is there a front door on your block that really stands out? Is it yours? Are you happy with the first impression of your home, or would you like to improve it? The award winning exterior house painters at Reston-based All American Painting Plus suggest you consider a new color for your front door, as the fastest and most cost effective method to enhance curb appeal.

Curb appeal is important because we all want our Northern Virginia homes to maintain or increase in value. But when you select a door color, you may be sending a message to your neighbors and visitors as well. As humans, we all have an emotional response to color, be it a tie, a piece of furniture, a car, or a front door. The color you select is going to tell visitors and passers-by a bit about you.

To give you an idea of colors that “pop” and the message they might be sending, we’ve listed a short selection of favorites.

Front Door Colors that Send a Message


A bright yellow door, particularly if it is framed in a darker color, will definitely be an eye catcher. Yellow is also a very optimistic color and it’s difficult not to smile when you see it. It takes a bit of courage to select it, but that can be said of many distinctive colors.

Vivid Green

Green is the best-selling door paint in the country and it usually appears in some sort of Forest Green tone. It’s a friendly color that traditionally is associated with wealth and prosperity. But kick it up a notch with a vivid green and you’ll turn heads while still projecting a positive image.

Glossy Black

Nothing says stately or serious like a black door. Use a professional painting service to give it a shiny veneer and frame it in a bright color. You’ll give black a whole new look.


If your house faces south or southwest, feng shui says a red door will bring you good look. There are an almost infinite shades of red, and regardless of which you pick, your front door will stand out.


Just kidding.

Acid Lime Green

Actually, if you have a plain metal front door and a mostly neutral exterior this almost neon color can work. It’s very modern, and if your house is furnished with Scandinavian accents, it can be an appropriate harbinger of what’s inside.

Of course, there is more to consider than just the color of paint. The tint you use has to go with the features of the door. Some doors are flat, but many have panels and windows that add to the appearance. And then there is the frame and adjoining trim. These features are key to setting off the front door. Last but not least, you want it professionally painted and we recommend our talented professional painters.

When you need a painting service to give your front door a new personality, give us a call at All American Painting Plus. We will be happy to sit down with you and prepare an affordable painting estimate for your project.