If you own a business, you only hire the very best people to work for you. The same rule should apply to any services that you outsource. After all, you hire these services to improve your business and attract more customers. When hiring commercial painting services, there are some key things to look for in the best ones. These five signs will let you know that you’re hiring a great commercial painting company.

1. Licensed and Insured

At the bare minimum, a commercial painting service should be licensed and insured. These are two small requirements that make a major difference. Some states in the U.S. require that painting contractors be licensed if they’re performing jobs over a certain price threshold. But even if a license isn’t legally required, it’s an important marker of a competent, professional company. It means the service has undergone the examination and application processes and passed.

A contractor without insurance shouldn’t be operating at all. It would mean that any liability such as injury could fall on you and your business. A commercial painting service with insurance is responsible for its own people and liabilities, meaning you won’t be faced with surprise fees, lawsuits, or anything else.

2. Work Backed by Warranty

Good commercial painting companies stand by their work. Any company who doesn’t back their jobs with warranties should be suspect. The absence of a warranty could mean that they lack confidence in the quality of their work and that they don’t want to be responsible for fixing their mistakes after the job is “done.” Conversely, companies who offer one- or two-year warranties clearly believe in their quality of work and care about getting the job done right the first time.

3. Transparency

Commercial painting companies should be upfront about every aspect of their methods. A great service will give you a fair estimate and quote by clearly spelling out labor and material costs. There should be no question or confusion about what they’ll do, how they’ll do it, and in what timeframe. This way, you have ample time to plan your schedule and budget around this project. You won’t be blindsided by any hidden fees and you won’t have to stop conducting business because painters have gone over their time limit.

4. Experienced, Trustworthy Staff

None of the above matters if your painting service doesn’t know what it’s doing. Of course, if a service meets the three requirements above, they probably have experience. The service you choose must hire professional painters with rigorous training and experience. This way you can expect the job to get done efficiently and properly. If you have a question, these painters will most likely be able to answer it respectfully.

5. Versatile

As a business owner, you’re always thinking of the most cost-effective ways to operate. As such, you’ll want to find a contractor that offers more than just painting services. By hiring a versatile contractor, you can take care of multiple projects without hiring multiple companies. This will save you time and money. For instance, in addition to commercial painting, a service might also offer power washing, drywall repair, rotted wood replacement, and more. So long as the work is of high quality, the more a contractor can do, the better for you.

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