Painting your home’s exterior can be a great investment, especially if you plan on putting your home on the market. However, when it comes time to paint it, you’re probably not thinking too much about the return on investment. Instead, you’re contemplating what it will cost you right now and if it’s a fair price. How much you pay for exterior house painting services will depend on a number of factors. Let’s examine what these factors are and what it might imply for your exterior painting project.

Size Matters

It should come as no shock that it costs more to paint a larger surface area. The bigger a home’s exterior, the more space there is to cover. This means more paint, more labor, and more time spent. Because every house is different, home painting costs are usually broken down to square footage. On average, most homeowners can expect to pay about $2 per square foot. For a single-story home with 1,000 square footage, the job would cost about $2,000. Of course, size isn’t the only factor at play here.

Material Matters, Too

The cost to paint a house also depends on the material of its exterior. Different materials require different types of paint, more or fewer coats, and various dry times. Painting a concrete house will require a different amount of labor than painting vinyl siding, for instance. These costs won’t vary too wildly for the most part, however.

The biggest factor here has to do with the preparation work before painting begins. Vinyl siding requires the least amount of repair or cleaning, while concrete and stucco typically need more attention. While the painting service might not charge all that much more for painting over certain materials, you might have to dish out additional cash for repair work and cleaning.

Location, Location

As with any market, where you live will also play a role in what you pay for painting services. This has to do with the local environment and economics (supply and demand). If you live in a wealthier neighborhood, nearby painting services might simply charge more, for instance. You might have to look a bit further out to find professional painters who offer the same quality of service at a competitive rate.

The climate in which you live will affect prices as well. Areas with consistently severe weather conditions will require more frequent paint jobs and repair work. This might increase competition among local painters and drive prices down. Conversely, more temperate locations won’t require as many painting services, so these services might cost a bit more comparatively.

All things considered, the average American will pay about $2,000 to have their home’s exterior painted. Even a 2-5% return on investment makes this a worthwhile endeavor. If you’re looking for high-quality painting and repair services, call All American Painting Plus. We can transform your home with our expertise in painting, power washing, drywall repair, and more. Give us a call at 703-620-5563, or email us at for an estimate and more information!