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If you have never painted a ceiling, or if you have and quickly learned that ceiling painting requires a different interior painting skillset than wall painting, you may be wondering how professional painters get the amazing results that they do. Ceilings do present unique challenges, but the experienced interior house painters at All American Painting Plus have tackled them all and delivered professional results.

There’s the obvious question of how you paint a ceiling without dripping or splattering paint on the flooring or furniture. The answer is experience, paint type, technique, and of course, the judicious use of drop cloths and covers. Our residential painting experts can paint a ceiling and in the process of cleaning up after ourselves, leave the space cleaner than when we started.

There are three basic categories of ceilings: flat, textured, and ceilings with stains or other flaws.

Flat Ceilings

Over time (and multiple paintings), flat ceilings can take on a texture of their own from paint bumps, airborne dirt, and other crud. To ensure a smooth finish and good paint adhesion, our professional painters will lightly sand the ceiling to get rid of the “texture.” The sanding will be followed with a dusting to remove any debris caused by the sanding.

We always recommend that paint specifically formulated for ceilings be used. These paints won’t splatter, have a slow drying time, and come in a flat finish. While the base paint comes in white, it can be tinted to whatever the customer wants.

The key to painting any kind of ceiling is to work fast, work in smaller patches, and make sure wet paint is going on to wet paint. It starts with a “cut out,” where the painter uses a brush to paint the area where the ceiling and wall meet. This eliminates the possibility of getting paint on the wall when rolling. When using rollers, we only use high quality lambswool covers. These covers allow us to get the most amount of paint on the ceiling in the shortest amount of time without splattering.

Textured Ceilings

Textured ceilings can be tricky. If the ceiling has been painted before, it can be painted using the same technique (except for sanding) as a flat ceiling. However, if the ceiling has never been painted before, the moisture and weight of the paint could pull the “texturing” off in sheets. In these cases it’s best to test the ceiling in an inconspicuous place, like a closet.

If no texture is lost, then the technique is to gently roll the ceiling with no back and forth motion. Let the paint dry and then apply a second coat.

Stained Ceilings

If a leaky roof has stained a ceiling, it will leave a dark water mark. These flaws can be covered using a stain-blocking primer like Kilz or a white pigmented shellac before applying the ceiling paint. If there has been smoke damage, you will want the entire ceiling covered in primer.

While most ceilings are white, coloring a ceiling can have a dramatic impact on a space. When you have decided to use the premiere painting service in Northern Virginia to paint your ceiling, ask us about your options to liven up the ceiling with a splash of color.


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