Whether you’re focusing on a single room or the whole house, a residential interior paint job is a big investment. At All American Painting Plus, we understand what your living space means to you, and we want to leave you with an interior that you’ll love for many years to come. In order to do that, we’ve established an interior painting process that ensures the best possible outcome, from start to finish. This is only possible with rigorous planning, attention to detail, and strong communication. Let’s go over the steps we take to plan your home interior paint job.

Determining the Scope of Work

Before we even get to know your house, we want to get to know you, our customer. The best paint jobs start with the best relationships, and the more our team knows about your expectations, personal needs, and goals, the better we can serve you. Over the phone and/or via email exchange, we will discuss all of these things and more to get a sense of the project’s overall scope.

First Site Meeting

The next step is to visit you and your home. This gives us the opportunity to see firsthand the rooms we’ll be painting. We’ll walk with you, letting you show us any areas of concern or tell us about any special requests. We’ll also point things out that we notice at a glance so everyone stays on the same page. This practice of clear communication is what we call “minimizing mutual mystification.” When both parties are aware of what needs to get done, there will be no unpleasant surprises before, during, or after the job.

Examining and Itemizing

After we’ve walked through your interior, we’ll go through it again more thoroughly and begin to take more detailed notes that will eventually form our initial painting estimate. We itemize every room and surface, line by line, so there is no room for confusion. Once we’ve covered all the bases, we’ll relay the information to you so that you can let us know if we missed anything, or if you’d rather not have a certain feature or room painted.

Sending the Initial Estimate

After we leave your home, we’ll tidy up our estimate and send you the final version within 48 hours. If you accept by signing the acceptance form and sending an initial deposit, we’ll then work with you to form a painting schedule. You don’t have to be there while we work, but if you would prefer to be home, we can arrange this. We’ll also ask you if you have any special requests or challenges involving pets, children, or family members in your home. Again, communication is key!

Introducing the Crew

You want to know the names and faces of anyone who enters your home. Professional painters are no exception. Before we begin working, every team member will introduce himself, including the foreman who’s in charge of the overall project. Said foreman will also work with you closely on finalizing paint colors and determining how much work can get done in a given day. This way, we’re out of your home at the right time, and you won’t be left with an unfinished room.

Prepping and Painting

With all of that planning in place, our interior house painters can finally get to work. Painting might be our main job, but we’ll also take care of the heavy lifting, such as moving furniture to the center of the room, removing blinds and drapes, and covering items and fixtures with heavy-duty plastic. We’ll also sand down surfaces, perform any drywall repair, caulk areas that need it, and put up barriers for dust containment. This is all part of our process, as it contributes to the safest best possible paint job.

As for the home painting itself, we primarily use brushes and rollers. Sprayers may be used if necessary, but usually not for interior paint jobs. Unlike many other painting services, we actually don’t use painter’s tape. Instead, our artisan painters cut-in by hand, which allows us to make up for any previous uneven drywall or trim installation.

Cleaning Up

Lastly, of course, when the paint has dried, we vacuum up the dust, sweep and clean up loose materials, put everything back where it belongs, and pack everything else up. The foreman will do a final check for quality control and conduct a last walkthrough with the customer. We’ll remind you that all of our work is backed up by a two-year warranty.

Invoicing Once the Customer is Satisfied

Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. So, we make sure you’re truly happy with our work before we complete the painting contract with a final invoice. This is our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Interior home painting is just one of many services we offer. To learn more about all that we do, give us a call at (703)-620-5563!