It’s winter time in Northern Virginia, cabin fever is setting in, and you want to do something to change up what seems to be a dreary day to day existence. That’s when doing a home makeover hits you. What can liven up the place better than a real, planned out makeover? Not just a little interior painting project, but a whole hog effort for flooring, fixtures, walls, and associated issues like plumbing and electrical.

It’s a big step, and not one you want to leap into without thinking it through. Reston’s leading residential painting contractor, All American Painting Plus, has over a decade of experience providing professional painting services to homeowners in Northern Virginia, and we have some advice on how to plot out a major makeover that won’t break you or disappoint.

How to Plan a Major Home Makeover

In order to pull off a successful makeover, you’ll need an abundance of inspiration, realistic expectations, discipline, patience, and flexibility. Here are five essential tips in planning the project:

  1.      Prepare yourself emotionally and mentally. This is not a weekend DIY project. This may turn your house upside down for weeks. Be ready for that. If you don’t have full access to the kitchen for two weeks, how will you handle it? Your mental health and the mental health of your family are both important, so make sure everyone understands the end game and how great the place will be when the project is completed.
  2.      Inspiration. This should be the fun part of planning. You want to get enough ideas from magazines, online sites, and visits to stores to know exactly what you want to do. Just planning on a new tile floor for the kitchen isn’t good enough. You need to know the manufacturer of the tile and the style number. This has to be a cooperative effort. You need to get the family’s buy in so you don’t have a problem with tip 1 listed above.
  3.      Budget, Budget, Budget. Realistically budget for the project. The last thing you want to do is get halfway done and run out of money. If you have performed tip 2 accurately, you should have an excellent idea of what materials will cost you, assuming you have the discipline to stick to your original plan. There will always be some unforeseen expenses. Budget an allowance for them. In fact, the two things you can count on are that the project will cost more than you planned and take longer than you expected.
  4.      Schedule it in. The one thing you can’t buy more of is time. This project is going to eat up a lot of your time. Plan it with work and family commitments in mind. Don’t go crazy when it becomes obvious that it’s going to take more time than you planned.
  5.      Bring in Professional Help. Sure, this is supposed to be a DIY project, but it’s too big to risk screwing it up by getting outside your skill level. If you need a professional painter, an electrician, plumber, or other tradesman, plan for that. Get estimates and agreements on schedules during the planning stage.

If you are still up for the project and you want a little assistance in planning, give us a call. We will be happy to share our ideas and give you a detailed painting estimate for any professional painting needs you might have.

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