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If you own a commercial property in Northern Virginia, an office building, a restaurant, an apartment building, or a retail space, you want to present it in the best light possible. You also want to protect it. Hallways in these spaces are typically highly trafficked, and because there is a lot of use, they get more than their fair share of abuse.

If you want to take care of both concerns – good looks and easy maintenance – then you want to call the award winning commercial painting contractors at Reston-based All American Painting Plus. With nearly two decades of providing professional painting services to businesses all over Northern Virginia, we are happy to make recommendations about not only color selection but finish as well.

The type and finish of the paint you use for a hallway, or any space for that matter, will be determined in large part by how the space is used. At All American Painting Plus we do an in-depth survey of the space, and more importantly, we listen to your expectations. Based on what we observe and learn from you, we will make recommendations for paint that will give you the best value in terms of durability.

Durability Depends on Finish

As a general rule, the shinier the finish, the more durable the paint. It’s also the easiest to clean. Because it is the most durable and easiest to maintain, it generally is also the most expensive to acquire. Of course, not all areas need the same level of durability. A hallway in an office building will not have the same exposure to handprints, grease, and spills as a classroom in a child care center. Low traffic areas can get the same life out of a duller finish paint as a hallway painted with a glossier finish.

Remember that finish has nothing to do with color. Virtually any color is available in various finishes. And there are gradations in finishes:

  • Flat or Matte. These are zero gloss paints. They are the most affordable and the easiest to apply. However, they are nearly impossible to clean. So if you have a space that is infrequently used, like a boardroom, flat paint can be a good choice.
  • Eggshell. The builder’s favorite. New construction frequently is painted using an eggshell finish. This is also an affordable paint and does have a slightly better durability than flat but is still difficult to wipe clean without wiping off the paint as well.
  • Satin. This is the middle of the road paint that offers decent durability, low reflection, and is reasonably easy to clean. It’s not surprising paint with a satin finish is a common choice for commercial interior painting projects.
  • Semi-Gloss and Glossy. This finish provides the maximum in durability and is ideal for high traffic spaces such as school hallways, bathrooms, or any place occupied principally by small, crayon-wielding children.

Which finish is best for your commercial hallways? We will be happy to make recommendations based on our extensive experience with spaces just like yours.

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There is no shortage of painting contractors in Northern Virginia. But if you want affordable, professional results, you want to call the professional painting experts at All American Painting Plus. Do it today and let’s get started on freshening up your commercial hallways!

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