6 Places for Crown Molding Installation

Making the most out of your interiors involves several small decisions that add up. From the interior painting colors you choose to the way you configure your furniture and decorations, every choice contributes to the bigger picture. One of the most powerful moves you can make is crown molding installation [...]

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5 Most Common Causes of Crown Molding Damage

Crown moldings act as beautiful finishing touches to interior spaces, adding aesthetic flair, sealing gaps, and concealing imperfections. Of course, like any other part of your home, these worthy additions can break down over time, especially if installed improperly or poorly maintained. In order to prevent this damage, it helps [...]

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Add Some Finishing Touches with Molding

Add Some Finishing Touches with Molding Whether you just finished your own interior painting project or you haven’t painted your home in years, your home might not be complete just yet. Crown molding is a great way to either add the finishing touches to a room or alter the look [...]

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