Is it worth it to remove a popcorn ceiling?

Textured drywall removal, or popcorn ceiling removal, is a common request we get from homeowners. Textured ceilings grew in popularity in residential homes during the late 1950s and continued well into the 1980s. It was originally used because it was inexpensive, easier to hide imperfections, and helped with noise reduction. Textured ceilings are especially common in Northern Virginia areas with older homes – for example, in many parts of Alexandra, Arlington, Fairfax, Annandale, Vienna, and Reston. These days, textured ceilings have a way of dating your home’s interior, and homeowners and builders alike often opt for smooth ceilings.

Removing the textured drywall can give your home a more modern finish and will give your rooms the appearance of having higher ceilings – feeling more vibrant with less shadows created by the “crater-like” texture. It will also likely increase the value of your home. Furthermore, the smoother finish will make repainting, repairing, and replacing drywall easier in the future. Debris won’t get trapped in the textured bits, meaning you can wipe or dust smooth drywall much more easily. While you may not be able to hide all the imperfections you could with textured drywall, smoother drywall means you’ll notice problems sooner, before they spread, worsen, or cause further issues.

Can I remove my popcorn ceiling myself?

To remove texture from walls and ceilings  is difficult without damaging the surface beneath the texturing. It can also leave fine white dust everywhere. Homeowners often turn to professional painters to help with this task because it can be a time-consuming and difficult undertaking. Additionally, older textured ceilings may have asbestos, which can complicate removal. If you are dissatisfied with texturing on your drywall and want to remove those popcorn ceilings, All American Painting Plus can help with your drywall renovation project in a safe and efficient manner. 

How much does popcorn ceiling removal cost? 

Popcorn ceiling removal currently costs $6.29 per square foot. This includes the texture removal process itself and priming, so painting the ceiling or wall afterwards would be an additional cost. For an average 12 foot by 12 foot bedroom, the popcorn ceiling removal itself would cost approximately $900 plus an additional 15-20% in material costs.

What is the best way to remove popcorn from the ceiling?

The process we use at All American Painting Plus is meticulous:

  1. First, we make sure that your furniture, floors, windows and doors are well covered with drop cloths for dust protection. 
  2. Then, if needed, we spray the surface e.g ceiling with water in a pump sprayer. 
  3. After that, we’re ready to scrape the texture from the surface. 
  4. Next, we sand the ceiling or wall and prime all damaged drywall from scraping with one coat of primer. 
  5. Next, we resurface the ceiling or wall with multiple coats of drywall compound. 
  6. Finally, we prime all drywall compound on the surface with one coat of primer. 

The ceilings or walls would then be ready for painting. 

Whether you want to update your home to impress potential buyers or check a long-overdue home improvement project off your list, All American Painting Plus can help. Call us on 703-620-5563  for your drywall project estimate today.