In an increasingly digital world, it feels good to harken back to simpler times, where words and pictures were drawn by hand, not just typed or dragged into a computer document. Perhaps this in part explains why whiteboard walls are becoming increasingly popular in workplaces. But there’s more to the story than this simple explanation.

Whiteboard walls are exactly what they sound like: whiteboards that take up the space of an entire wall. If you’ve never written or doodled on one of these walls, you might not immediately understand their appeal or functional value. As it turns out, whiteboard walls are popular for a reason, and it’s not solely due to the enjoyment people feel from marking them up (though that’s definitely a part of it). Indeed, offices that harbor whiteboard walls can greatly benefit from these installations in more ways than one.

Let’s discuss how they contribute to a business’ success and how to get one for your office.

How Whiteboard Walls Contribute to Office Success

Whiteboard walls offer the space and freedom for employees and leaders to jot down ideas, leave notes, express complex concepts, and, frankly, blow off some steam. All of these advantages are beneficial to an office’s overall success. According to leading consultants in this area, whiteboard walls boost productivity, bring teams and diverse viewpoints together, facilitate and open up discussions, increase employee participation, and reduce workplace stress.

On top of all that good stuff, whiteboard walls help brighten up an office space, too. And a brighter office can increase productivity, engagement, and creativity. Of course, a completely white room might seem a bit sterile. So, an office might hire interior painting contractors to create some contrast and paint the other walls a darker (or at least different) color. Placement of whiteboard walls matters, too. These installations are right at home in conference rooms, break rooms, and more open areas as well.

Installing Whiteboard Walls: Easier Said than Done

If the benefits of whiteboard walls sound good to you, perhaps it’s time to have one installed in your office. You might think this process is simple, but it’s best to hire experienced commercial painting services for this task. Whiteboard walls aren’t the same as large whiteboards, after all. The latter are separate features that can be fixed to a wall. A whiteboard wall, on the other hand, refers to a special fast-drying paint mixture that’s directly applied to a given surface. If improperly mixed or applied too slowly, the results might not live up to your expectations.

The commercial painting experts at All American Painting Plus have the experience to mix whiteboard wall paint properly and ensure the best possible results. Additionally, our team will properly prepare the surface prior to painting. We carefully clean and sand the areas in question to maximize adhesion and guarantee a completely smooth finish. The curing process takes anywhere from two to seven days to complete, after which time the whiteboard wall can be used as intended.

Time for a Blank Slate?

If your office’s creative output has entered a standstill, a whiteboard wall might be just what you and your people need. At All American Painting Plus, we’re happy to help your business reach its full potential in any way we can. To learn more about us, our various painting services, and everything else we do for our clients in Northern Virginia, give us a call at 703-620-5563!