From a young age, most of us learn the importance of staying clean. Other than smelling better, we tend to look and feel better, too. Plus, we better protect ourselves from germs and other harmful substances when we keep clean. These same rules apply for our homes, patios, and decks. Cleaning these surfaces regularly will reap several benefits, especially when done with a power washer. Let’s examine four benefits of power washing.

  1. Cleaner, More Valuable

When we “clean up well,” we’re often told that we “look like a million bucks.” Indeed, value is attached to cleanliness and aesthetic, especially for homes. The better shape your home is in (inside and out), the more it’s worth on the market. Even if you’re not looking to sell your home, you want to maintain or increase its value in whatever way you can.

By power washing your home’s surfaces, you can maximize its curb appeal. Regularly power washing also helps prevent larger problems from springing up. Mold, mildew, and bacteria can attach to your home’s exterior, spreading and possibly causing rot. Power washing can keep these forces at bay, but the more it’s done, the better it works.

  1. Safety and Health

As just mentioned, the external environment can wreak all sorts of havoc on a home’s exterior. If left unchecked, bacteria and mold can begin to form. While it’s unlikely that these hazardous materials would enter the inside of the home or severely impact one’s health, the risks increase over time. In other words, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Power washing your home’s surfaces on a regular basis will bring you and your family peace of mind, minimizing exposure to toxic materials inside and outside your home.

  1. Get Ready for Painting

You never know when you might want a fresh coat of paint for your home. When painting any surface, it should be as clean as possible. This will allow the paint to stick better, last longer, and look smoother. Exterior painting requires a bit more effort than interior painting because more cleaning must be done beforehand.

Power washing will help prepare your house for home painting. Some painting services will even handle power washing for you. If not, doing so will make their job easier (and less expensive) and result in a much better paint job overall.

  1. Little Effort, Great Results

Perhaps the biggest advantage of power washing is how easy and effective it is. Without this tool, you would have to climb up and scrub every inch of your house, which would take several days and put you in danger.

Just about anyone can handle a power washer once they’ve figured out the different settings and gotten a feel for its pressure. It’s really a matter of aiming the stream where you want to clean and making sure all surfaces get hit. Of course, you should be careful when power washing certain surfaces like brick, as too much heat and pressure can actually damage the brick and mortar.

Whether you’re performing regular maintenance, trying to keep your home sanitary, or preparing it for home painters, power washing is a catch-all solution for external cleaning. Speaking of catch-all solutions, All American Painting Plus, Inc. provides power washing and painting services, as well as rotted wood replacement, drywall repair, and more. For more information or quotes, call us at 703-620-5563, or email us at!