Doors are more than just portals from one area to another—they can also make an aesthetic statement on their own, elevating your exterior and interior spaces. In this way, doors present the perfect marriage of function and fashion. When you start thinking about home improvements and renovations, don’t neglect your doors. Upgrading these features can transform your home inside and out. 

Of course, you have no shortage of options when it comes to door materials and styles. Let’s go over five creative door styles for your home remodel to get you started.

1. Panel Doors

These are the classic, archetypical doors—the kind your mind probably conjures when you think of a door. Even if your home has never featured a panel door before, you’ve likely encountered them in other homes and commercial spaces. 

Panel doors are common choices for both exterior entry doors and interior doors, providing a simple, elegant style that works for both classic and modern homes. These doors typically contain a few horizontal rails and vertical stiles, with thin panels in between (picture symmetrical rectangles or squares on the door’s face). You might invest in more ornate finish carpentry to decorate the panels’ edges or stick to a more straightforward design.

2. Barn Doors

Hinged doors might be the norm for most modern homes, but barn doors are quickly making a comeback. These charming doors can be made of wood, metal, or any other common material, but rather than opening and closing on an angle, they slide back and forth on an overhead track. This sliding motion saves space and protects your home painting job from impact associated with hinged door movement, making barn doors perfect for interior spaces.

3. French Doors

If you want to let extra light into your home and enjoy a clear view of your yard or patio, French doors are perfect for your home remodel. French doors are like identical twins, providing an elegant and wide symmetry to your home. These hinged doors may open inward or outward, and often feature several glass panels for natural light. 

Because of all this glass, it’s best to hire a licensed exterior painting contractor to coat your French doors if you’re looking to paint or stain them. While French doors are commonly installed as exterior entry doors, they can also be applied to interior spaces, especially as entrances to formal living areas.

4. Bifold Doors

If you have a wide closet that could use an update, bifold doors are a popular and stylish choice. In a way, these doors are the perfect blend between barn doors and french doors, as they operate on both a hinge and track. The faces of these doors are often paneled, too, though you have plenty of other design options as well. Some homeowners even have bifold doors installed to separate their den or living room from another interior space.

5. Windowed Doors

Windowed doors are exactly what they sound like, and they’re usually installed as entry doors as a way to boost a home’s curb appeal and let additional light inside. Windowed doors often feature ornate trim and moldings around the glass panels to enhance the door’s overall appearance and make a lasting impression. If you decide to paint windowed doors, it’s best to hire licensed exterior painting services, as it’s easy to get paint on the panes when coating the surrounding trim if you lack experience.

These are just a handful of creative door styles you might incorporate in your home remodel. In addition to these various styles, you must also consider which materials you want for your doors, such as wood, reclaimed wood, metal, aluminum, and more. 

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