More and more Northern Virginia workers find themselves working from home rather than at an off-site office. A growing number of companies from Crystal City to Reston are encouraging their workers to work, at least partly, from their home. Of course, if you are a self-employed entrepreneur, you probably spend more time in your home office than any other room in the house. For a space that gets so much use, the home office is typically neglected when it comes to décor. If you are lucky enough to have a dedicated space, or if a spare bedroom is your office, you probably left the walls painted whatever paint colors they were when you set up shop.

You’ve probably never considered a painting service to professionally change the appearance of your work space.

Paint Colors Have an Impact

As it turns out, the paint colors in your home office can have a significant effect on your productivity. And, house painting is the fastest and least expensive way to provide the environment that can boost your productivity.

Each of us has a personal connection to colors. As a general rule, red stimulates appetite and increase heart rate. Blue is the calming color that allows for greater focus.

Beyond that, our personal “feeling” for a color often depends on what it reminds us of from a past experience. A gaudy gold may bring a smile to your face because it reminds you of a carousel horse you loved to ride as a kid. An institutional green that dominated a hospital while a loved one was seriously ill may be discomforting.

Finding the “right” color scheme can be a challenge. The professional interior house painters at Reston-based All American Painting Plus can assist you in finding just the right match. They have over a decade of experience helping Northern Virginia homeowners select colors that exactly expressed the look and feel they wanted.

Your Home Office Paint Colors Should Support Your Work

The colors you choose for your home office will depend on the kind of work you will be doing. A salesperson or someone who needs to maintain high energy will perform better in an office dominated by red or orange. Accountants, programmers and professionals who have to do mental back flips all day long will do better in a shade of blue.

When you think of these colors, don’t think of them in their primary color shade. Today there are literally thousands of variations. That’s one reason you need the professional painters at All American Painting Plus to help guide you through the maze that is a modern palette.

Here are a few quick ideas:

  1. Creative activity. An art teacher who prepares lesson plans at home will appreciate a rich teal or turquoise as a backdrop.
  2. We mentioned orange as a color that supports a need for high energy, but a survival orange wall would quickly drive the average person “up the wall.” A saturated peach can provide the stimulus without overwhelming the occupant.
  3. If your office is also a guest bedroom, you can satisfy both uses with a gold neutral shade. The gold provides the energy stimulus while also providing guests with a color often associated with B&Bs.
  4. Customer service, tech support, or professionals who need a balanced environment when dealing with clients/customers will benefit from a room that is predominantly a shade of green.
  5. A single color is almost as bad as the wrong color. Accent colors should be added to balance out the primary hue to give a more balanced appearance.

Still wondering what color to use for your home painting? Contact All American Painting Plus today and we will be delighted to share our ideas with you. We’ll guide you through the selections and give you an affordable painting estimate to get you started.