If you are considering redecorating your northern Virginia home, it’s likely that you will be wandering into some confusing – and at times, frustrating – territory. There’s a reason why people make a living as professional interior decorators.

Changing color schemes, furniture, accessories and even flooring or floor covering can be an expensive, and semi-permanent, endeavor. Redecorating is something you want to get right the first time. You want the right look and you don’t want that look to appear dated a year from now. Remember when you had more chrome in your living room than you had on your 1976 Cadillac De Ville? You want your redecorated home to look great years after you make the changes.

All American Painting Plus, Reston’s leading painting contractor, doesn’t claim to be a professional decorating service, but with over a decade of residential painting experience, we have an excellent knowledge of the colors that are like the Energizer Bunny – they just keep going.

Ever-Popular Interior Colors

Certain paints are perennial favorites. Some of them were formulated decades ago but still sell exceptionally well. What they all have in common is their ability to set a tone without taking over the entire room. They provide an attractive backdrop that complements your selection of furniture and accessories.

Here’s a quick list of five of the most popular brands and shades:

  1. Benjamin Moore Caribbean Azure 2059-20. This sea blue shade looks modern but has been around for centuries and can be found in Chinese porcelain, Dutch delftware, and Portuguese tiles. Paired with a pearl white ceiling, it makes a perfect kitchen color.
  2. Pratt & Lambert Antique White 14-31. This is the go-to color when you have to paint a room quickly and don’t know what to do. This off-white shade is a decorator’s dream because it works with everything. Perfect for modern or traditional themes, it also matches almost any color, from blue to tangerine.
  3. Sherwin Williams Secret Garden SW 6181. This hunter green is a traditional. It has a comfortable familiarity that speaks of home. It’s a color with soul.
  4. Farrow & Ball Rectory Red 217. Okay, this is your accent wall if you are worried about having an entire room done in a red with real depth. Even a splash of red has a tremendous impact on a room.
  5. Pratt & Lambert White Smoke. This is the palest of blues that’s a close match to an early morning sky. It’s easy to imagine this color in a contemporary room or a more formal space with sparkling crystal sconces.

There are, of course, many other “popular” colors, with eggshell white leading the institutional crowd. But that’s what those colors are – institutional. You’re looking for something that expresses a feeling, and for that you will need quality paint applied by craftsmen like professional painters.

Interior painting is the fastest and least expensive way to completely change the décor in your home.

A professional painter can transform your space in no time at all and at an affordable price. If you would like to get our ideas on redecorating a room or your whole house, give us a call today. We are based in Reston but we service all of Northern Virginia, from Alexandria to Dulles.

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