Do you ever feel that your home is missing something? That it’s somewhat unfinished? It turns out the smallest differences can make the biggest impact on your home’s appearance. Properly installed finish carpentry and moldings might just be the solution you’re looking for in order to “complete” your space. These carefully crafted materials are also more than just visual touches. Here are six benefits of installing molding in your home.

1. Adds Beauty and Elegance to an Interior

The main appeal of moldings is their visual flair. Finish carpentry and moldings come in many shapes, sizes, and designs, from simple protruding strips to ornate, eye-catching configurations. There is a kind of molding for every type of home and preference. These features can easily transform a bland, box-like room into a comfortable and warm space and turn a simple mantel into a truly inspiring centerpiece.

2. Protects Surfaces from Damage

Of course, moldings aren’t merely decorative additions. These features are also functional, acting as barriers between a surface and potential hazards and helping your interior painting retain its beauty and strength. 

This is especially the case for baseboards and chair rails. The former protects the lower portions of walls from getting scuffed by shoes and cakes with dirt, while the latter stops mobile furniture like chairs from slamming into the middle of a wall.

3. Seals Gaps Between Walls, Floors, and Ceilings

Not only do moldings protect your room from internal threats, but they keep external dangers at bay, too. Your rooms may feature tiny gaps where walls meet floors and ceilings. These unsealed seams can allow entry to air, moisture, bacteria, fungi, and pests, all of which you want to keep out. 

Now, you or your Reston VA house painter can seal these cracks by caulking them, but moldings provide an additional barrier that keeps the outside world from entering your home, so long as the moldings are properly installed and secured.

4. Hides Interior Imperfections

If your walls or other interior surfaces display visible imperfections (perhaps from an uneven or worn-down paint job, noticeable drywall joints, etc.), you might simply hire a licensed interior painting contractor to touch up the paint job. 

However, moldings can also conceal these surface flaws while providing additional aesthetic flair. Frame molding, for instance, draws the eye toward its designs and away from any errors on the surface.

5. Provides Smooth Transitions Between Surfaces

As mentioned earlier, moldings seal and conceal the seams between interior surfaces like walls and ceilings. This is an aesthetic benefit too, as moldings smooth out the abrupt right angles formed by these intersections, making a home feel more complete and singular.

6. Increases Your Home’s Value

All of the benefits listed above ultimately contribute to your home’s market value. So, installing molding is a solid investment, one which yields a decent return and will attract more buyers in the event that you want to sell. Of course, if you are thinking of selling your home, you’ll want to invest in other improvements, too, such as hiring a licensed interior painting service to revitalize your various rooms with a fresh coat of paint.

Adding finish carpentry and moldings to your home will enhance its appearance and protect it from harm. At All American Painting Plus, molding installation is just one of the many services we offer to transform and complete your home. To learn more about our carpentry, drywall, power washing, repair, and painting services, give us a call at (703)-620-5563!