Drywall can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, this commonly used material is cheap and durable enough for most structures and relatively fireproof. It also provides a smooth surface for interior painting. On the other hand, drywall can be damaged in a number of ways, from physical marks to rot caused by moisture. Fortunately, drywall is also easily repaired or replaced in most cases. Still, to avoid such intervention, it’s good to be familiar with the ways in which your drywall may be damaged. Here are eight potential causes of drywall damage.

1. Small and Large Holes

Most of us have seen or heard of holes punched through drywall. These are usually accidental, but whatever the case, enough physical pressure and force can easily tear through drywall. These holes, big and small, are easily repaired. The contractor will cut around the hole and replace it with an equally-sized piece of drywall.

2. Scuffs

An excess of rough-housing or simply moving furniture can easily leave scuff marks on drywall. Scuffs are by far the most easily fixed forms of drywall damage. Simply clean them with a proper solution and sponge or paint over the marks with the proper color and type of paint. Home painters can help in this regard.

3. Cracks

Drywall cracking may not seem like a big problem, but it can escalate quickly into something much worse. Changes in temperature and moisture levels can lead to cracking in drywall. If left unchecked, even a minor scar can open the door for more extensive damage as more moisture can enter the material. Therefore, it’s best to seal these cracks immediately using joint compound.

4. Popping Nails and Nail Holes

Pieces of drywall are placed and connected via studs and nails. If nails aren’t fully set or are slightly off-kilter, they may loosen and pop out over time. These will result in small holes that are easily filled with joint compound and smoothed over. The trick is, of course, resetting the nail in the proper position.

5. Water Damage/Mold

One of the more sinister culprits of drywall damage comes from water. Faulty plumbing or leaky roofs can allow an excess of water to fall over and into the drywall. This moisture can lead to cracking, but also mold. If mold enters your home, you’ll want to eradicate it immediately. Therefore, simply hiring painting services to paint over the damage just won’t do. Depending on the extent of damage, the damaged section must be replaced, if not the entire piece of drywall. Of course, any plumbing issues must be resolved as well to avoid this from happening again.

6. Loose Joint Tape

Joint tape is used to help cover the seams between drywall panels. The tape itself must be covered with joint compound to bring it all together. However, over time this joint tape may begin to lose its adherence from the surface. This is typically an easy fix and simply requires a new application of joint tape and compound.

7. Tile Removal

If it’s time to remove or replace tiles in a kitchen or bathroom, the process can leave a mark. Removing tiles from drywall can result in severe peeling, scraping, and cracking. To avoid this, it’s best to hire a professional contractor with the proper tools and knowledge to remove tiling carefully. However, damage can still occur. Fortunately, in most cases, the drywall can be repaired by applying new drywall compound.

8. Pests/Termites

You can always count on termites and other destructive pests to cause trouble. Be mindful of this possibility and regularly check for small holes and other signs of pest damage. If left unchecked, these tiny creatures can dangerously undermine the entire structure of your drywall. For peace of mind, hire an exterminator and, if necessary, have your home fumigated before making any necessary repairs.

After reading about all the possible ways your drywall can be damaged, you might begin to feel paranoid. Truthfully, most of these things don’t end up happening – and if they do, they’re easy enough to fix. Keep in mind, though, that if you plan on hiring residential painting services, you’ll want to make sure your drywall is in good shape. This will allow the paint to adhere better and last longer in your home.

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