Do you have that one room in your home that needs some spicing up? All American Painting Plus knows that you and your family are unique, and your home should be too! Accent walls are an affordable and out of the box way to transform and add interest to the inside of your home. They are an interior painting secret weapon because they are so easy and cost efficient, yet they can make a huge difference! Here are some ways that we think an accent wall could transform your home:

Show Off Your Assets

Your rooms wouldn’t be special without the things inside of them – so show them off! Accenting a wall creates a focal point that emphasizes the items on or near the accented wall. Consider what you want to highlight in the room, then paint a different color on the wall that these items are on or right in front of. For common areas like living rooms and dens, accent walls complement and emphasize fireplaces and TVs especially well. In the bedroom, an accented wall at the head of the bed usually shows the bed off the best. Not only will an accent wall liven up your room, it will make your belongings look great as well!

Work With White

Do you want to add interest to a white room, but painting the whole thing seems too intensive? One wall will do! Create a stunning effect in any room by contrasting white walls with a bold accent wall. Accenting one wall is so easy, all you’ll need is a gallon of paint and an afternoon. Also, your accented wall doesn’t have to be a bold color. If you already have a colored room, consider accenting a wall with white. Not sure which wall you should accent? Our professional painters would be more than happy to help you out.  

Make the Most of Your Space

An accented wall will not only make your room more interesting, but transform how the room feels. Have a room that feels too small? Accent a wall with horizontal stripes to make the room appear wider than it actually is, or at the end of a narrow room to make the room seem longer. Different colors will have different effects in your room, which is why All American Painting Plus offers color consultations to give our customers confidence that the color they choose is a perfect fit for their home.

Not Just Paint

Paint isn’t the only way you can create an accent wall. Have you always wanted a library but haven’t had the space? Create a ‘book wall’ by covering one wall with shelving! Or cover a wall in a material like stone, tile, wood, or even fabric if you don’t want to paint – these will add an intriguing architectural feature to your room. If you’re interested in one of these alternative materials, our plus services might be useful to you.

Have fun with your accent wall project, but make sure you do it right! Think you might need to hire professional painters? Contact us today! You’ll be amazed at how changing one wall in a room will transform your home into an interesting new space for you and your family.