As many Northern Virginia homeowners have discovered, the only DIY project more frustrating than putting up wallpaper is taking wallpaper down. Removal of wallpaper is supposed to be easy, right? Oftentimes, that’s just not the case. And if you gouge, scrape, or otherwise damage the wallboard or plaster under the paper, you have a surface preparation project on your hands.

Take the frustration out of your life. Hire professional painters like the Reston-based residential painting contractors of All American Painting Plus to remove the wallpaper. With the amount of interior painting that All American has done over the past decade, they have a ton of experience removing wallpaper and prepping the wall for paint, or new paper. Using a professional will save you time and anguish.

But that’s All American Painting Plus. Not all painting companies are the same. It’s important that you vet a painting business before you engage them, and one of the easiest ways to do that is checking with the Better Business Bureau or BBB.

Why BBB Accreditation is Important

Today there are a ton of online review sites like Yelp, Google, Angie’s List, and more. Those reviews are helpful, but at their best they are just a description of someone’s experience. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t vet contractors beyond the original conversation and maybe checking a reference or two.

There is, however, an organization whose sole function is to check the business end of an enterprise, and that is the BBB. Here are five reasons why you should use an accredited painting service for your wallpaper removal project:

  1. The Better Business Bureau is a non-profit and non-biased accreditation body. It is an independent third party that verifies business practices of the companies listed with them.
  2. Complaints are going to happen with any business. What’s really important is how the complaints are handled by the company. The BBB will list the disagreements and rate the level of satisfaction in the handling of the complaint.
  3. To become accredited with the BBC, a company must agree to abide by the BBB’s Code of Business Practices. This code is designed to build trust between consumers and providers, particularly in the area of disputes.
  4. An accredited BBB business agrees to comply with any terms that come about by a BBB dispute resolution process.
  5. The BBB assigns alpha designations to companies based on their experience with the organization. If a business drops below a “B” rating it loses its accreditation.

The Better Business Bureau is basically there to have the consumer’s back. Their objective is to build a strong community business environment through trust. Their logo is recognized by everyone. You can tell if a business is accredited because “Accredited Business” will appear next to the logo. The BBB brings a more in-depth credibility to a rating than the average Yelp posting.All American Painting Plus is, of course, an accredited business with the BBB. If you’re ready to lose that wallpaper, contact All American Painting Plus today.

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