Community buildings come in many forms. They might be small, publicly funded venues for Boy/Girl Scout meetings, unitarian religious gatherings, and/or voting purposes during local or federal elections. They might also be large, multi-room complexes used for education, volunteer events, intramural athletics, and/or shelter. Whatever the case, these spaces are meant to be by and for the community. People are encouraged to collectively utilize these buildings as they see fit. When a community comes together to revamp one of these buildings, some amazing things can happen.

Murals Inside and Out

One of the easiest ways to recognize a community building is to look at its exterior. Not all of these places will stand out, of course. Some look plain and unassuming, even, and might lack exterior painting altogether. However, others might pop out in vibrant colors and design. In urban areas especially, you’ll find elaborate murals painted on the faces of community buildings.

Sometimes an individual or painting service is contracted to do this. Other times, several community members come together to create something unique and collectively spectacular. People might simply sign their name or write a quote while others will paint an entire figure or landscape. The resulting mural represents the collective spirit of the community and artfully designates a community building.

In larger community buildings, people sometimes get to work on interior painting as well. Commercial painting contractors can be hired for this, of course, but an interior mural can be just as striking as an exterior one. These interior murals might symbolize the different aspects of the local citizenry who use the building.

Rebuilding and Beautifying the Community

Communities require engagement and cooperation to thrive. Mural painting is one way to capture the essence, values, and history of a community, but murals can take quite a bit of planning and effort to get done. Citizens can revitalize their community spaces by simply painting or repainting older and neglected buildings, inside and out.

Even a group of ten to twenty people can utterly transform a deteriorating space in a matter of days. Local painting services may get involved as well to help with proper set-up and supplies. Repainting a building is a great project for Boy and Girl Scout troops, volunteer societies, and just about anyone who is interested. These activities bring people together, give participants a sense of accomplishment and community pride, and dissolve differences among citizens. Improving one’s local community is something everyone can get behind.

Big or small, community buildings keep people together and provide opportunities for everyone. It’s imperative to maintain these spaces. Whether painting the walls a single color or going all out with a multi-faceted mural, you’ll make your town or city a better place to live.

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