Summer is here and so is our Northern Virginia simmering heat and humidity. Also making an appearance, are wallet busting energy bills associated with cooling down your home. Wouldn’t it be nice if, after finishing your 32.2 minute commute from work in heavy traffic, you could come home to a place that was your personal cooling oasis?

Well, if you keep an open mind (that’s important because a lot of this is in your head) you could bump the thermostat up a couple of degrees and feel as comfortable as if the air was on full blast. Exterior house colors can actually have a physical impact on interior temperatures, but the colors that greet you from the walls and ceilings can influence how cool you feel. These interior colors are the ones that let you beat the heat.

As a leading Northern Virginia professional painting company, All American Painting Plus has extensive experience with some of the best interior decorators and designers serving the greater D.C. area. During this time of year they are busy ordering neutral furnishings and asking us to paint the walls cooling, complimentary colors.

So, we thought we would share the paints that these professionals are using to create cool spaces for their clients.

Is It Chilly in Here?

Okay, even the most powerful cooling color isn’t going to invoke that kind of comment. But the brain does process color and generates an emotional response. We associate certain colors as cool or calming and those are the ones that have become popular interior painting projects for us.

  • Blue-Green. Actually, this is more of a light bluish-greenish paint color. Almost all the colors listed here are light hues. This blue-green is airy, calming, and cooling and works well in almost any room.
  • Coral. We’re talking coral here, not Pepto Bismol pink. Coral can be a cooling and complimentary color particularly in rooms with light wood flooring or furnishings.
  • Mauve. That’s right, a color popular in your grandmother’s time. Mauve is not too gray and not too violet. It is cooling and graceful. An ideal color for a dining room.
  • Tan. Do you have shiplap in your home? If you do, and it’s painted, it’s probably white or gray. Give it a summer update without losing its country charm with a coat of light tan.
  • Sky-Blue. Cooling, calming, and adaptable, Sky-Blue goes with almost any décor. Not surprisingly, it is a favorite color for bedrooms.

Paint is the fastest and most cost effective way to change the feel of a room from warm and inviting to cool and calming. Just be sure that you have professional painters do the work if you want to get the most out of your investment.

Of course we think that our award winning painting services are your best bet for getting exactly what you want. We have won 12 consecutive Super Service Awards from Angie’s List and have great ratings on Google, a 5 Star rating on Houzz and another 5 Star rank on Yelp.

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