Repainting your office is a great way to not only update your interior but also reinvigorate your employees and boost overall productivity. Figuring out which colors will work best for your workplace is hard enough, but it’s not the only factor to consider when hiring commercial painting contractors. You must also consider the sheen or finish of your paint job.

Generally speaking, there are five major categories of paint finish, and each one has different aesthetic and practical implications. These include matte (or flat), eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss. From first to last, these range from less durable, less shiny, and typically cheaper (flat) to most durable, shiniest, and typically most expensive (high-gloss).

So, the question remains: which paint finish is best for your office? Let’s break it down.

Avoid Flat Finishes in Busy Office Spaces

A flat finish will work fine in quieter offices and boardrooms, but it might not be the best choice for more active workplaces. This is because flat or matte finishes are difficult to clean and not as durable as glossier finishes. Walls will likely get dirtier faster in busier offices, so a more durable paint finish is better in these cases.

Semi-Gloss for Some Added Durability

If you’re really concerned about your office’s cleanliness and durability, semi-gloss isn’t a bad choice for interior painting. With semi-gloss paint, you have the advantage of high-gloss paint in terms of cleanability without the extremely reflective finish. If you don’t mind a little shine, semi-gloss paint might be a good fit for your office. It can even brighten up your workplace a bit.

Use High-Gloss Paint Sparingly

As previously mentioned, high-gloss paint is the most durable of all types of finish, and the easiest to scrub. However, this finish has its drawbacks in the aesthetic department, reflecting light almost like a mirror. This type of paint is a great choice for industrial settings where durability is a must, but it might make for a gaudy and distracting office.

That’s not to say high-gloss paint can’t be used in your office at all, though. This type of paint is ideal for trim, baseboards, and other areas that might get scuffed up or bumped into often, all while adding some shine for contrast. So, when hiring painting services for your office, try using high-gloss paint sparingly.

Satin and Eggshell are Just Right

Balance is important in every part of life. Just as you and your employees must maintain a healthy work-life balance, your office’s paint job should balance its level of sheen. Eggshell and satin finishes claim the center of the paint finish spectrum, offering durability and shine without overdoing it. Satin paint is just a bit shinier than eggshell finishes, so the one you choose will depend on your personal preference.

Which Finish Finishes First?

The finish you choose for your commercial painting project will depend on a number of factors, such as how active it is and what makes sense from an aesthetic perspective. There is no wrong answer, only possibilities. Hire the right team of pro painters to help you realize your vision for a better, stronger, and more beautiful office. All American Painting Plus helps business owners and homeowners update their property with high-quality painting and repair services. To learn more about everything we do, give us a call at (703)-620-5563!