What makes for a happier and more productive workplace? This is a question many business owners are now asking as companies compete to become the best place for people to work. The answer to this question, however, is multifaceted. No two people are exactly alike, so the things that energize one employee might exhaust or irritate another. Still, there are certain changes that businesses can make to create a more inviting atmosphere overall. Switching up an office’s paint colors is one of these small changes that can make a big impact.

Of course, it’s not enough to simply hire an interior painting service to apply a new coat or two. The bigger issue is deciding which color, or colors, to paint your office with the goal of creating a happier workplace. Researchers are still trying to determine which colors are general mood boosters. While the jury is still out, let’s go over what may be some of the best paint colors for a happier office.

Yellow, But Not Too Much

The color yellow has long been associated with a sunny disposition. It’s no coincidence that the standard smiley face is a yellow circle with a cheery grin. Certain shades of yellow can be a great fit for an office setting if you want to brighten up the workday a bit. 

However, a little yellow goes a long way. Deeply saturated yellows can become distracting and irritating. So, if you decide to hire painting services to revamp your office with yellow paint, consider going for lighter variations, somewhere between an off-white and a sunny yellow. A pastel yellow, for instance, will yield the bright benefits of this color without overwhelming the eye too much.

A Dose of Orange

Some shades of orange are closely related to yellow and are also associated with happiness and energetic joy. And, like the color yellow, orange should be dealt in small doses for the most positive effects.

You might ask your commercial painting contractors to implement a light or muted orange. Or, you could designate this color for just one part of your office, such as a single wall, maybe two. In other words, you don’t need to paint the whole office orange to bring about happier workers or increased productivity. In fact, doing so might have the opposite effect. Instead, a splash of orange somewhere in the office might be all you need to provide that energizing burst during the day.

Greens Can Go a Long Way, Too

On the opposite side of yellow is green, which also serves as a mood enhancer when used in the right context. We tend to connect green with the colors of nature, fertility, movement (“Go!”), and, yes, money. In many ways, green signifies all that is vital, which makes it a bold choice for an office interior.

That said, be mindful of which shade of green you go for. Bright, highly-saturated greens, like yellows and oranges, can become an annoying distraction, while darker shades can put one to sleep. Work with your commercial painting provider to find a happy medium that will keep your team happy and awake.

Ask the Pros

There are plenty of other colors that might work well for your office, too. If you’re struggling to choose the right colors, consult professional painters with plenty of experience choosing and applying various colors. They may be able to help you make the right call before getting started and transforming your workplace. All American Painting Plus has been helping homeowners and business owners pick the best colors for their needs for more than two decades. To learn more about all that we do, give us a call at (703)-620-5563!