If an interior painting project is in the immediate future for your Northern Virginia home, our guess is you are struggling over selecting just the right color. You want a neutral tone; something that is going to complement your furnishings and the rest of your décor. And then as you sit in your living room, poring over sample chips, you realize that “neutral” is a relative term.

Traditionally, beige and grey have been popular neutral colors, but even these old standbys can have undertones that make the paint look like anything from institutional to luminous. Taupe has been a popular selection, but the more you research, the more you discover taupe is a trendy neutral just like dozens of others. And of course, you can’t judge by paint names. Monet Moonrise is a green/brown shade, Distant Valley is a muted blue/green, and the list goes on and on.

Here’s a color that the professional painters at award-winning All American Painting Plus like: greige. As you might have guessed, greige is a mix of the two traditional neutrals, grey and beige.

Greige – A Neutral Color for All Occasions

Grey and beige, by themselves, can have their problems as neutrals. Grey can come across as too cool while beige is often too warm. However, if you mix the two colors, you can come up with a neutral that will enhance any décor. Essentially you are taking the best characteristics of both colors and eliminating their negative qualities.

For example, if you like the sophisticated look that grey projects, you cut back on the amount of beige in the mix. You get sophistication but with enough beige undertone to not come across as an ice palace. The same holds true for beige. With enough grey undertones, you can tone down the warmth without losing a cozy neutral hue.

The real value of greige is its ability to balance all the colors in the room. Depending on the blend of grey and brown, greige can complement almost any décor, from minimalist, chrome-plated modern furniture to a room that looks like the CEO of Birkenstock lives there.

Patterns in window treatments and rugs can be overwhelming, but with greige walls, the busy tapestry can be “tamed” and appreciated for the designs they offer.

Professional Painting Changes the Whole Character of a Room

As experienced interior painting contractors, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that the best way to give your space real, impressive character is by having the project completed by a professional painting service. There is a visible difference between a DIY job and a project finished by people who do it for a living.

The difference comes in surface preparation, application technique, and attention to detail. Painting is the fastest and most cost-effective method to change the look and feel of a room.

Why not rely on a company with an award-winning painting service, over a decade of work for customers all over Northern Virginia, work warranty, and affordable painting estimates? All American Painting Plus is the perfect company to complete your neutral painting project!

It makes sense. Call us today for a no-obligation estimate!