We can all use a makeover from time to time. But if you have a business or represent a publicly-accessed structure of some kind, you know that a real estate makeover is not always in the budget.

At All American Painting Plus, we paint commercial and public buildings all the time. We get to know all of our clients, so we understand that sometimes a new coat of paint doesn’t seem like a top priority. But we also understand that a fresh paint job can breathe a lot of life into a business or public building. New paint gives users and residents a sense that things are going well with the business in question. New paint makes visiting your building more pleasant and memorable. New paint can improve morale among your staff, which can translate to tangible benefits on your next earnings report. In the same way people feel good when they look good, business tends to run well when the business-place is attractive. Paint can help with that. Here are three kinds of business and public spaces that can get major benefit from commercial paint contractor services from All American Painting Plus.

    1. Schools. School is tough enough for kids. Old dingy paint can make things downright depressing. Schools have a lot of surface area to cover with paint. We’re talking about classrooms, hallways, bathrooms, locker rooms, gyms, offices, and more. Perhaps you went to a school that hadn’t updated their interior or exterior paint in a decade or two. Perhaps the result was less than attractive. Repainting a school inside and/or out has an amazingly refreshing effect on students, parents and faculty. Suddenly the facility looks modern and exciting. All American Painting Plus makes this work affordable for schools. Give us a call!
    2. Churches. It’s important for churches to keep things fresh as well. We’ve all seen churches that appear to be in decline simply because the building is not up to date. We understand that the right atmosphere is important for places of worship. Talk to All American Painting Plus about how we can update the appearance of your church or sanctuary. 
    3. Commercial Spaces. All American Painting Plus has painted the interiors and exteriors of all kinds of businesses. If you have a company building that customers and clients spend time in, a new paint job will pay for itself in new and sustained business. It is important for customers and visitors to feel that your business is well-run. Having attractive paint is an important step in establishing that impression.


There are a million reasons why a new paint job will benefit your building, and the business that gets conducted therein. People use buildings like these, and their feelings about the quality of their surroundings has implications for the quality of the work they will do. This might include midterm grades or weekly sales goals, but in any case, you can always tell the difference when you finally invest in a new coat of paint for your public or commercial building.