How Long Does it Take for Wood to Start Rotting?

No matter how well-built a home or commercial property is, the forces of nature have a way of reminding us who’s really in charge. Something as small and seemingly harmless as fungal spores can do real damage to construction and finishing materials, especially wood. Indeed, rotted wood can become a [...]

2023-03-11T10:42:46-05:00February 11, 2020|

Don’t Let Your Home Wheelchair Ramp Go Without Regular Maintenance

For those with mobility issues, wheelchair ramps are important and handy home installations. Of course, just like your other exterior features, your ramp is susceptible to all sorts of environmental damage. Ensuring the stability and functionality of your wheelchair ramp is a matter of safety for anyone who uses it. [...]

2023-03-11T10:42:50-05:00January 23, 2020|

How Long Does It Take to Repair or Replace Rotting Wood?

If you come across wood rot, you’ll want to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Not only is rotten wood an eyesore, but waiting to repair or replace your rotted wooden features can also lead to multiple safety concerns as structures gradually decay and lose their integrity.  When addressing [...]

2023-03-11T10:42:53-05:00December 15, 2019|

How Long Do Deck Stains Prevent Rotting Wood?

Wood rot is most commonly caused by an infestation of fungi. These unwanted visitors thrive in warm, damp conditions and feed on the fibers of your wooden features. When wood is exposed to moisture, then, it’s only a matter of time before decay sets in. Fortunately, there are several ways [...]

2023-03-11T10:42:59-05:00November 21, 2019|

Home Repairs: 4 Places Wood Could Be Rotten

The leading cause of rotted wood is moisture. Until we can find a way to live without water, your home’s interior and exterior wooden features are susceptible to this form of damage. Fortunately, wood that’s been afflicted with rot can often be repaired if you catch it early on. In [...]

2023-03-11T10:43:00-05:00November 19, 2019|

Door Installation: Is Reclaimed Wood Worth Using?

Doors can be built from many materials, but wood remains a classic choice for property owners. Of course, if you decide to use wood for your doors, you have plenty of options, such as oak, pine, cedar, and more. Further still, you can choose between new or reclaimed wood. In [...]

2023-03-11T10:43:00-05:00November 14, 2019|

Will Covering My Porch or Deck Prevent Rotting Wood?

Even as summer comes to an end, there is still plenty of time to get outside and enjoy your porch or deck. Whether you’re relaxing with a cup of tea and a book or hosting a football barbecue, you want your outdoor space to look its best and stay strong [...]

2023-03-11T10:43:07-05:00September 17, 2019|

Rotted Wood: Repair or Replace?

No matter how solid your home’s exterior painting job is, after enough exposure to the elements, your wooden features may begin to deteriorate and possibly rot. You can prevent rotted wood by cleaning, painting, staining, and sealing wooden surfaces on a routine basis. Despite your best efforts, however, you may [...]

2023-03-11T10:43:11-05:00August 15, 2019|

Health and Safety Risks by Rotting Wood

Wood rot isn’t just an eyesore; it’s also a clear indicator of multiple health and safety risks. If your wooden fixtures are beginning to rot inside or outside your home or commercial space, you must take action to repair and replace the affected areas. Otherwise, you’re putting yourself and others [...]

2023-03-11T10:43:12-05:00August 13, 2019|

Where is Wood Most Likely to Rot?

Wood has long been a staple of home construction. While other building materials like metal, concrete, and brick all share the stage, wood is still one of the most common materials used to build and expand homes due to its flexibility, durability, abundance, and aesthetics. That said, wood has plenty [...]