You’ve decided it’s time to repaint your Northern Virginia house. The big question that needs to be answered before you can start is, what paint colors will you choose? Whatever you decide on, you’ll have to live with it for 5 to 10 years, so you want it to be something that you like and won’t go out of style.

The professional house painters at All American Painting Plus, Reston’s leading residential painting contractors, suggest that there is a process you can follow to ensure you make a choice that captures your personal style and complements the house’s architectural style.

Basics of Selecting an Exterior House Color

The first thing to consider are the colors on your house that are not likely to change. This would include the roof, any brick or stonework like walkways and pavers, and hardscaping that might be in the lawn. Keep these tones in mind when selecting a new color.

Professional exterior house painters see your home as comprising three separate parts: the field, trim, and accent. Each of these segments will likely need different paint. The field covers walls and will be painted in the principal color. Trim components include window frames, fascia boards, and gutters and downspouts. Accent pieces are doors, shutters, and other architectural features.

The big decision will be the color of the field, as that will drive your choices for the other areas. Generally speaking, trim is painted a lighter shade than the field and accent pieces are used to “pop” the appearance of the home with a splash of color.

To get a feel for “field colors,” take a walk through your neighborhood with an eye towards colors that attract you. Seeing colors on a home is a completely different experience than shuffling through paint samples in a store. If you are still having a problem selecting a color, we have listed some perennial favorites that will never go out of style.

5 Exterior Paint Colors That Will Always be Favorites

All American Painting Plus has been providing professional exterior house painting services to Northern Virginia communities for over a decade. We can tell you that there are a group of exterior colors that are popular from Springfield to Dulles on all kinds of architectural styles. Choose one of these shades and you can rest assured your home will always be “in style.”

  1. Gray with crisp white trim: It really doesn’t matter what shade of gray you select, pale gray fog or deep charcoal, it always looks modern and attractive. This color is well suited for an accent door painted red, orange, yellow, or even lime green.
  2. Sage: Sage green is becoming an exceptionally popular color, particularly on homes with significant “green” landscaping. Sage complements all shades of green. It also makes a super backdrop for colorful flower gardens.
  3. Putty: If you look for this color in your neighborhood, you will likely discover a lot of it on homes. It is a “neutral” color that goes with almost anything. Because it is a light shade, crisp white trim makes an excellent companion color. But, if you want a more dramatic look, dark brown or even black on the trim will make the whole house stand out.
  4. Gray Blue: This color is a natural for homes with brick patios, porches, or pavers. Gray blue, white trim, and a red door is a classic look that evokes a nautical feel, even if you’re a hundred miles from the Chesapeake Bay.
  5. Yellow: Want to give your block a dose of cheerfulness? No other color scheme exudes happiness and optimism like yellow. The only warning here is to pick a shade that doesn’t “scream” yellow. Who chooses yellow? Almost everyone. You’ll find it on both smaller craftsman cottages and colonial mansions alike.

The cost to paint a house is a bargain relatively speaking, but even so you want to make sure you get what you want from the painting contractors you choose. Picking the best color will be the first dividend you receive from your house painting investment.

Have questions about where to go from here? Feel free to call us today and we will be happy to give you some advice.

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