You may not be an interior designer by trade, but this doesn’t mean your home shouldn’t have just the right paint colors for your taste and lifestyle. When selecting colors for interior paint, it can be tempting to select the same color palette for every room in the house. This is almost always not the best choice, however.

Each room in your house is used in a different way. Each room in your home is also oriented toward natural light in a different manner. The paint you choose will set the mood for the room in question, and will collaborate with the natural light to promote a certain kind of energy in that room. If you select the same colors for every room, you won’t be making the most of the individual personalities of each part of your house.

Of course, there are arguments for uniform coloration throughout a home, but if you at all relate to the rationalization above, check out the following tips for picking different colors for every room in your house.

Choosing Color According to Function

Color impacts the way people feel when they spend time in a room. Light colors tend to make a room feel bigger, lighter, with a more frivolous and carefree energy. On the other hand, dark colors like burgundy can make a room feel cozy. They also have a way of producing focus, which is why they are so often used in studies and classical home office settings.

Think about the message you are sending when you paint the walls of your home. Any room in your house that is meant to contain a lot of people (for dining, entertaining, or any other purpose) should usually be on the lighter end of the spectrum. You can still choose intense paint colors if you choose, but don’t have them be as dark as a forest green or a navy blue. These will create too subdued an atmosphere for your purposes. If you go dark, make sure to compensate with lots of lighting!

Choosing Colors for Natural Light

Another way to choose colors that work for each room in the house is to pay attention to the natural light the room receives from windows. If you have a room that receives a lot of natural sunlight for most of the day, you might want to choose a slightly darker color tone to counterbalance it. If your room receives little natural light, choose a very light tone to keep the room from appearing too murky.

There are a million different ways to organize room colors, and you aren’t limited to one color per room! If you get creative, there are endless color arrangements to discover. All American Painting Plus has years of experience and can offer suggestions for interior and exterior paint. Our painting contractors can help you plan your project, or can simply help realize your dream with their excellent work. Call us today to get your colorful plans in motion!