Working from home has its advantages and its drawbacks. On the one hand, you’re free to stay in your pajamas, work in bed or on your couch, and you don’t have to worry about traffic. On the other hand, all of this freedom can be distracting and counter-productive. You might struggle to get anything done when you’re not surrounded by other employees or managers.

To stay on track (and to get a tax break), many people who work at home install a home office in a spare room or portion of a room dedicated solely to work. Utilizing a home office is an important step in keeping up productivity, but distractions still abound. One way to make your home office even more productive is by organizing and painting it a certain way. Some colors might even help you focus more. Here are some suggestions to help you choose the right paint colors for your home office.

Avoid Bright, Flashy Colors

It probably goes without saying, but bright pinks, saturated yellows, or neon anything do not make for a productive office. On the contrary, these rave-like colors, while fun and energizing in small bursts, are way too distracting for a work setting. Our brains actually use up a lot of energy processing bright, saturated colors, meaning you’ll have less brainpower to focus on your work. Even if you want some of these colors to be part of your residential painting project, keep them away from your work space.

Off-Whites are On Point

Home offices aren’t the only spaces that can benefit from off-white shades. Off-white is quite popular for interior painting in general, as it naturally and gently brightens up a room while also providing strong contrast to darker features. Having a painter incorporate a neutral off-white tone in your home office can help clear your mind as you get to work.

Focus with Blues

While psychologists are still doing research on the matter, some believe that the color blue can help people focus. Whatever the case, blue is a popular color for home painting, as it’s versatile and often calming. Slightly darker, muted blues are probably best for home offices. Blues that are too bright or too saturated might become distracting.

Stay Awake with Greens

As with blue, the jury is also out on the psychological effects green may have on most people. Still, many people associate green with vitality and natural life. The color green can make us feel energized and awake, which is optimal for a productive day of work. Again, certain greens should be off the table for a home office, like lime and chartreuse. But darker, muted greens can help wake you up without distracting you too much.

A Touch of Grey

You might think that grey would be a horrible fit for a home office, as these shades are typically associated with melancholy, boredom, and/or grief. However, a little bit a of grey can go a long way, especially when incorporated into other hues. For instance, pure blues and greens can be quite bright and distracting on their own. But when mixed with a darker, neutral shade like grey, the resulting color is still lively but muted and not overwhelming.

Ask the Experts

If you work from home part-time or full-time, your home office in an important space. You want to choose your colors carefully when designing it. The professional painters at All American Painting Plus have the knowledge and expertise to help you pick colors that will keep you focused, productive, and happy at work. To learn more about all that we do, give us a call at (703)-620-5563!