Having some outdoor space is important for many homeowners. As the weather starts to improve, people will begin to gather outside more often on their patios, porches, decks, and lawns. You might realize that you’re spending just as much time outside as you are inside your home. In that case, you want your exterior spaces to look just as inviting and beautiful as your interior.

Painting your outdoor spaces can revitalize them, encouraging you and your guests to spend even more time in the good weather. But while deciding to hire a painter might be a no-brainer, deciding which colors to choose can be difficult. Here are a few things to think about when choosing paint colors for your outdoor spaces.

Take a Page from Nature

Part of the reason we love getting outside is to be in nature, even if it just means smelling the grass and hearing the birds. It turns out that the natural world has a lot figured out in terms of color coordination. Why not take some inspiration from the natural landscape around you when painting your outdoor areas?

For example, if you live in northern, forested areas, you’ll likely see a lot of greens and browns. Hotter, drier climates are known for their sandy and clay-like colors, featured in shades of beige, orange, red, and yellow. Depending on where you live, you might choose colors that complement or emphasize your region’s general aesthetic. Professional painters can help you narrow your color search if this is the direction you want to go.

Create Contrast With Your Home’s Exterior

When you’re spending lots of time just outside your home, your home’s exterior will constantly be in plain view. It’s not a bad idea, then, to consider the colors applied by your exterior house painting service when choosing paint colors for your outdoor spaces. You can go one of two ways with this. First, you might try to match your home’s exterior color scheme, essentially extending it to your patio, deck, lawn furniture, etc. Or, you might want to separate your outdoor features from your home itself by choosing contrasting colors.

If, for instance, your home’s siding is painted a dark red, you could make your outdoor area stand out by going with off-white, blue, or green shades. On the other hand, a dark brown deck will really pop against a lighter-colored home. Contrasting your outdoor spaces with your home’s exterior can give these spaces their own identity and, by extension, give your home its own identity as well. But if you want all of your exterior areas to match, be sure to ask your exterior painters which exact color(s) they used for your home.

A Little Color Goes a Long Way

In all honesty, your outdoor areas don’t have to be defined by paint colors. Many people use these spaces to showcase plants or gardens, or other objects that boast their own bold colors. If you have a penchant for flowers and natural beauty, you might want to keep your outdoor spaces neutral to let these features shine.

If you do choose to paint your patio or deck, you don’t need to use bright, saturated colors. The slightest hues can brighten up your outdoor spaces without overpowering them. The same goes for all home painting efforts, really. But considering how much color can come forth through plant-life, less might be more outside.

Ask the Experts

As always, if you’re struggling to choose paint colors for your outdoor spaces, All American Painting Plus can point you in the right direction. And then, we can get to work so you can enjoy your outside time all season. To learn more about all that we do, give us a call at (703)-620-5563!