Every business owner and commercial property manager in Northern Virginia understands how important the appearance of their property is. An aesthetically pleasing exterior presentation sends a powerful brand message to customers, employees, vendors, and the community at large. A clean, well-maintained exterior tells everyone that this business is successful, well-run and professional at what they do.

It’s great advertising.

And if your commercial property is located in Northern Virginia, the commercial painting contractors at Reston, VA-based All American Painting Plus can provide the exterior painting service that delivers that all-important favorable public image!

Exterior Paint – Beauty isn’t Just Skin Deep

Having a great exterior paint job does more than help sell the business to customers, improve employee morale and productivity, and build your reputation in the markets you serve.

Professionally applied commercial exterior paint can offer significant protection from the often-challenging Northern Virginia weather. A well-maintained exterior is an investment in maintenance that pays for itself.

Here are just a few samples of how exposure to Mother Nature can detract from your business’s appearance (and the value of your property):

  • Blistering. When windblown rain, water from melting snow, or even simple condensation gets under the exterior paint, it can cause it to blister. When you see a blister, peeling is not far behind.
  • Mildew and algae. If you see black spots on your exterior paint, you may have mildew or algae. Both of these pests can literally eat your paint away. Both need moisture, heat, and nutrients to thrive. Northern Virginia offers summers with an abundance of heat and humidity and many non-protective paints make a tasty snack for these critters.
  • Chalking. If your exterior is wood or stucco, chalking may appear with some paints. Chalking easily rubs off, leaving the paint under it dull and faded.

Generally speaking, keeping the exterior clean and well-maintained is less expensive than having to do a major overhaul. Not only will you save real dollars, but a building with great “curb appeal” will assist in increasing the property’s real estate value. If you are a property manager, an attractive exterior will support higher rent from tenants.

The Professional Commercial Painting Contractor Difference

Creating a professional exterior image takes more than picking out a color and slapping on some paint. The professional commercial painting services offered by All American Painting Plus are packed with value-added features.

It starts with an inspection of your property and conferring with you about paint and color schemes. Not all protective paints are appropriate for all surfaces. With over a decade of experience in commercial painting for businesses from Alexandria to Leesburg, All American Painting Plus knows what works and what doesn’t.

After you have decided on the scope and details of the project, our knowledgeable representative will provide a detailed painting estimate and a firm performance schedule. There are no surprises when working with All American Painting Plus.

Our reputation is built on affordable, professional painting services; on time, on budget delivery and quality craftsmanship.

Our crew will arrive on time, lay down tarps to protect your landscaping, do a detailed prep of the surface and start applying the protective paint that will give your building a sparkling new appearance. If the job takes more than a day, our crew will clean up the area at the end of each day to minimize any inconvenience to your customers or employees.

When it’s time to freshen up your business’s image, count on Northern Virginia’s premier and trusted commercial painting contractor. Call us today to arrange a complimentary, no obligation inspection and painting estimate.