As a business owner or property manager, you probably already understand the importance of your commercial building’s exterior and interior appearance. How your business looks sends a strong message to customers, employees, vendors, and the community you market to.

If you have taken a hard look at your facility and decided it needs a freshening to retain its competitive image, don’t make the mistake of thinking you can do an exterior paint job yourself.

You may save a few dollars up front by relying on employees, or your neighbor’s college kids, or the retired handyman who stained your deck at home. But the fact is, an investment in a DIY commercial painting project is destined to fail and potentially cost you much more than just the paint and labor.

Painting is not a commodity. Not everyone can do it (although almost everyone tries it at least once in their life).

Commercial painting requires extensive product knowledge, detailed surface preparation, the right equipment, and most importantly, painting and repair skills honed to a fine point from years of experience.

Think about it. If you wanted to update your will, would you spend $10 and download a form from the internet? Or would you engage an attorney who specializes in estate planning? If you wanted to save your estate thousands of dollars, you would go with the pro.

Commercial exterior and interior painting can represent the same type of financial risk if done by any other than a professional commercial painting contractor.

Why Attempting a DIY Commercial Building Painting Project is a Bad Business Decision

Remember, we are talking about sprucing up your business. Do it right and you improve your curb appeal and the marketability of your facility. Do it right and you send a professional message to your customers. Do it right and your employees will take even greater pride in the organization they work for. Hire amateurs and you send a message that says “good enough is good enough for us.”

Use professional painting contractors like Northern Virginia’s All American Painting Plus and you get this:

  • Professional painting recommendations and consulting. With over a decade of providing painting contractor services to businesses from Arlington, VA to Leesburg, Reston-based All American Painting Plus can guide you to a successful business image makeover with paint selection, color schemes, convenient schedules, and accurate, affordable painting estimates.
  • Repair services. Surfaces need to be clean and in good condition before new paint is applied. That means peeling, blistering, chalky paint and mold spots on the exterior need to be removed. Interior paint surfaces need to be free of dirt and defects (like that hole in the wallboard in the breakroom). Professional painting contractors will do a detailed prep job before the first drop of primer hits the wall.
  • Work completed quickly. When the All American Painting Plus crew arrives (on time), they will have all the equipment and materials needed to tackle your project. They will work as a team to prep, paint, and clean up in a minimum amount of time. Fast, craftsman-like painting means less interruption of your normal business operations.
  • The confidence of working with a professional painting company. All American Painting Plus is a fully licensed and insured Virginia business. They have a client list of Northern Virginia businesses that goes back 10 years. Best known for their on time, on budget, craftsman-like performance, you can be assured that your investment in upgrading the appearance of your facility is money well spent.

If it’s time for you to explore giving your business a new look, contact All American Painting Plus today for a free painting estimate!