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There are many reasons to invest in commercial painting services for your business, the most obvious being to impress your customers by offering a clean, fresh, and welcoming atmosphere. More importantly, however, a new coat of paint in your office, storefront, or commercial facility can actually promote greater workplace health and safety. At first, the connection between paint and safety might not be so apparent. Let’s dive deeper into the many ways commercial painting contractors improve workplace conditions and help all employees and guests stay safe and healthy.

Improving Air Quality

As paint deteriorates (especially older, more toxic types of paint), harmful fumes and particles can spread throughout the air. You and your employees may inhale and ingest these harmful substances throughout the day. Workers may begin to complain about various symptoms, such as fatigue, coughing, irritation, or even trouble breathing. In severe cases, you may even see a spike in the number of sick days taken by employees as a result of these poor working conditions.

Today, most modern paint is not nearly as hazardous as previous iterations, but old paint can still worsen your workplace’s air quality. By hiring interior painting professionals, this decaying or outdated paint can be removed and replaced by a fresh coat. Qualified contractors can also safely remove or remediate harmful lead paint from older facilities. As a result, your workplace won’t just look better, but everyone inside will breathe easier.

Improving Visibility

Seeing clearly is an important aspect of many jobs across all industries. Dark colors are often a poor choice for workplaces, as they diminish a person’s ability to see what’s around them. But even neutral or light paint colors can fade over time, making it more difficult for some to safely navigate the workplace. This is especially true regarding stairwells, where even one misstep could lead to serious injury or worse.

A fresh coat of paint can brighten up all of your workplace’s dull areas, creating clearer visual cues even in low lighting. Additionally, pro painters can paint lines and symbols on floors and walls to indicate important details and spatial markers (such as where people should not walk), or to indicate a significant drop-off. When people can see, your workplace becomes safer.

Improving Morale

Health and safety isn’t merely about viral or bacterial illness and physical injury; included under this umbrella is mental health. No matter the job, work can take its toll on every type of person, especially during busy periods. The workplace atmosphere makes a difference in setting the tone for how employees feel during the work day. You want your people to enjoy coming to work and doing their job. When employees are feeling low and uninspired, it can drag down your whole operation and hurt your reputation. 

Sometimes a fresh coat of paint is exactly what your work space needs to reinvigorate your team. At the very least, it’s a good first step in your efforts to improve employee morale. A healthy workforce is a happier workforce (and vice versa), so hiring painting contractors can brighten up your workplace both literally and figuratively.

At All American Painting Plus, we care deeply about the health and safety of our workers, and we know you do, too. Let our contractors help you create a healthier and safer working environment. To learn more about all that we can do for our clients in Northern Virginia, give us a call at (703)-620-5563!


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