Congratulations! You have a new office space. No doubt, it’s full of potential and you’re dreaming big about what you and your team will accomplish there for your community and your customers.

Repainting a new office space is a great way to start fresh and put your stamp on things. While you may not need to repaint everything right away, we suggest asking yourself and your leadership team some questions as you plan and prioritize your commercial painting projects.

Is the Paint Job Damaged?

If the paint job already on the walls is cracked, chipped, scratched, or dinged, this makes for poor curb appeal that won’t make a strong first impression on the customers and clients that will soon visit your new space.

Further, leaving a damaged paint job unrepaired can lead to more costly problems down the line, as paint damage can cause moisture intrusion, leave cracks and holes for pests to get in, and increase your energy costs by allowing more heat or cool air to escape.

When looking for damage, don’t just check office walls. Paint damage is very common on ceilings, as well as in stairwells and hallways, where there is more foot traffic and movement of product and equipment.

You also want to be sure your office exterior looks great. Ask your painting team to check the exterior walls for signs of damage that may have resulted from accumulation of dirt, dust, debris, moisture, and mold on the outside walls. You don’t want any of those contaminants to reach your office interior.

Does the Paint Match Your Brand?

Your company has a brand identity, and you want to stay in step with that. If the paint in your new office space is inconsistent with your branding, it’s important to plan painting projects that align the look of your office with your brand color palette.

Your office painters can help you match colors exactly, so there’s no need to spend hours looking at swatches, and the improved branding will be well worth the investment.

Does Your New Office Reflect Your Company Culture?

While paint color preference is, to an extent, a matter of opinion, where darker and lighter colors are painted in a space can make it look more open, more inviting, and more modern

You know the look and feel you’re trying to realize for your new office space. If you don’t think the current colors will wow visitors, or if they come off as dated, painting offices is a good way to prevent potential customers from thinking the same about your business. 

You can also paint features into your office conference and meeting rooms that boost employee engagement and encourage creativity. Ask your painter about where a whiteboard wall would work well in your office space.

Are You Ready for a New Chapter?

If you want your new office space to represent a new chapter for your company, we can help you give it a new look.

All American Painting Plus is trusted by innovative business leaders throughout Northern Virginia. 

Our teams will work with you to paint office spaces according to your vision, your brand, and your company culture. We’ll be sure no painting maintenance gets overlooked so the integrity of your paint job lasts longer and makes a great impression on clients, customers, and visitors.

Realize your big dreams for your office space. Call our team for your free commercial painting estimate today.