If you are a homeowner, painting your home’s interior or exterior is a job you don’t want to do often. A good paint job can last for years, but one performed poorly will show its flaws in just months. It can be difficult for nonprofessionals to appreciate the nuances of a quality job performed by professional painting contractors, but when the paint still looks good years down the line, the benefit of quality workmanship will be apparent. All American Painting Plus does this kind of work every time. With all of our years of experience, we have some tips about how to avoid common mistakes when painting your home’s interior or exterior.



  • Apply the Paint Correctly. “Take the paint and put it on the wall, right? How hard could it be!?” Turns out, there is more to painting a beautiful wall than this. Paint must be applied with the correct tools – rollers and sprayers to avoid streaks and brush marks; fine brushes to get into corners and hard to reach places. For detailed work, it’s important to tape off all edges. When painting over a dark color with a light color, a coat of primer is a must. Some dark colors will require more than one coat of paint as well, with adequate drying time in between coats. Every paint will require different handling methods. Make sure to choose a quality product and use it exactly as directed for best results.
  • Hire Professional Paint Contractors When You Need Them. One common mistake for a homeowner to make it to cut corners on professional work, in order to save a little money. The interior paint and exterior paint on your home will make impressions – good and bad – for as long as they are visible. If you are not able to do great work on your own, it is likely worth your time and money to hire professional painting contractors like the ones at All American Painting Plus.




  • Maintain Your Paint! No paint job will look good forever if it isn’t properly maintained. Do you think the Mona Lisa just wakes up that way? A well-applied paint job with quality materials will not need much maintenance, but it won’t be entirely self-sufficient. Paint indoors and outdoors will require occasional cleaning, especially the paint on your trim. Trim is typically lighter in color than the main wall paint, causing it to show dirt and stains. The eye is drawn to the trim; dirty trim can make an entire house look dirty. Pay attention to the cleanliness of your paint, and any cracks or puckers that form. Correcting these problems early can prevent bigger problems later.



The painting contractors at All American Painting Plus have seen every kind of paint work that you can imagine. We’ve done beautiful paint jobs on brand new houses, and we’ve corrected poor ones on older homes. If you want your house to look great for years to come, don’t ignore the details on your next painting project. All American Painting Plus can help make it a success!