There are those of us who have never before considered painting a room black. There are those of us who chose this as our bedroom wall color during high school. Finally, there are a few who successfully use black walls and ceilings to create a sexy, sophisticated atmosphere in their homes. Of course, these people seem to live only on Pinterest, because you’ve almost surely not seen one of these dramatic displays in the wild.

Perhaps you are tempted to try your hand at all black design, after seeing what such a paint job can do to a room. All American Painting Plus wants to support you in all your endeavors. We believe that even if you want black walls, there is a way to design your room so that the look works. In that effort, let’s look at some of the design considerations that make all black painting successful.

    • It’s All About the Lighting. Black walls have a way of sucking the light out of the room. If you want to have a black room that is delightful, not dour, you’ve got to focus on the lighting elements. Choose well placed lamps and overhead lighting, and don’t scrimp on wattage. Properly lit, all black interior walls in a residential property can be incredibly compelling. With the right dimmers installed, you can have a bright and cheerful room by day, and something sultry and through-provoking by night.


  • Go All the Way. It’s important to use black in key places throughout the room, not just the components handled by your painting contractors. We’re talking about the details and hardware throughout the room. If you go with the stock lightswitch and outlet covers from Home Depot, these will stand out from your walls in a way that is not attractive. Order black details or have yours painted. It will complete a look that has to be detailed perfectly in order to be successful.


    • Consider a Shine. You might be tempted to choose a Matte finish for your gothic masterpiece, but there are arguments against this. While matte paint does look attractive in certain lights, black matte has a way of making fingerprints and other grease stains show up loud and clear. You don’t want your black paint to be a canvas for filth, so choose a paint finish that is forgiving of stains and very easy to clean.


  • Remember Artful Contrasts. Black looks best when thoughtful contrasts are used throughout. Choose the colors of furniture and accessories carefully, because they will be what the eye is drawn to when someone enters the room. With black as the background, every item in the room looks like a piece on display. You may also develop contrast by using subtly different shades of black (yes, they exist), between the walls and molding, for example.


All black paint for interior rooms isn’t for everybody, but perhaps it is for you. You probably already know how you feel about the possibility. If you are interested about how to best implement your pitch black paint concepts, contact All American Paint Plus. We can execute your noirish plan, and provide ideas of our own.