Many of us enjoy the rich flavors, crisp air, and cozy clothing choices that come with autumn. With the most colorful season fast approaching, you might feel inspired to make some palette changes of your own. If you want to take on a seasonal home painting project, you don’t have to look much further than the nature around you to get some ideas. But if you need some help getting started, here are some fall colors to consider for your home.

Rooted, Rich Reds

One of the first colors we see as fall begins is red. Red maples and sourwood trees go up in a blaze of glory during this season, brightening up the months before winter. Red is also the color of so many fall flavors. From red wine to apples, cranberries, pomegranates, beets, and cinnamon, this color fills our bellies all season.

Almost any shade of red will do, but darker shades that veer away from pinks and run closer to browns tend to feel warmer. For interior painting in the fall, consider shades of red like crimson, cherry, mahogany, sangria, and garnet. Many of these shades are named after red wines, fitting for fall.

Yawning Yellows

Providing a beautiful contrast to the rich reds of autumn are the various shades of yellow seen in aspen trees, sugar maples, honeycombs, and more. In spring and summer, brighter, lighter yellows dominate. In fall, brownish and orange-yellows are right at home.

Professional painters can help you pick the perfect shade of yellow, but here are a few ideas to get you started: butter, medallion, honey, dijon, corn, and gold.

Warm Oranges

In autumn, yellows bleed into oranges, and oranges into reds. But this middle child plays an important mediating role in fall color schemes. It’s the bridge, the centerpiece of the season. And our favorite fall foods reflect its importance: pumpkins, carrots, squash, cider – you name it! Orange encapsulates everything we love about fall.

Because orange is so prevalent in the season, just about any shade will do. Some favorites include ginger, apricot, marmalade, ochre, and squash.

Broad Browns

While reds, yellows, and oranges might dominate the season, brown plays a key role in fall color schemes as well. The trunks of the trees, the soil, spices, and the darkening component of all fall colors, brown provides the earthy template for all other colors to shine.

The richer the brown, the better. Have your interior house painters use shades around chocolate, cedar, syrup, hickory, pecan, and cinnamon. These darker browns will work especially well with oranges, yellows, and reds.

Neutral Colors

Many colors of fall are bright and vibrant, but the season is filled with muted, neutral colors as well. Think of the gray skies, the smoke from bonfires, the decaying leaves underfoot, etc. The season is filled with warmth and chill, life and death, and this contrast is part of what makes it so beautiful. If you want to add contrasting elements to your fall paint scheme, introduce neutral grays, greens, browns, and blacks. These will really let those brighter reds, yellows, and oranges pop like the changing leaves.

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