Summertime in Northern Virginia seems like an appropriate time to bring up the coolest colors used by interior designers in client homes. Given how hot and humid this year has been, imagine how satisfying it would be to walk into your house and instantly feel like you have entered a cooling oasis. With the help of experienced, professional residential painting contractors like All American Painting Plus, that oasis can become a reality.

Color has a significant emotional impact and smart decorators can use its influence to create calming spaces, spaces that encourage socialization, spaces that encourage physical activity, and yes, spaces that look and feel cool. As an active member of the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDA), All American Painting Plus is up to date on the colors and tints that can lower the temperature and give the room a fresh, contemporary look.

Cooling Interior Paint Colors

If it’s feeling a bit warm inside of your home, you might want to consider an interior painting project using one of the cooling colors listed below:

  • Lavender. It’s an old and iconic color but people tend to underestimate the power of this hue. Pale orchid livens up a wall and makes a space light and airy…and cool.
  • Paladin Blue. This is a blue-green-gray combination that works well in any room, particularly sunny rooms that you want to cool off. With the right finish, this color works well in bathrooms, probably the hottest, most humid space in the house.
  • Manchester Tan. This is actually a multipurpose neutral color that is best used in rooms with plenty of natural light.  It can change personality from warm to cool and airy, depending on the light.
  • Compatible Cream. This one is somewhat surprising. It’s more of a pale yellow than the name would suggest, but when teamed with ivory trim or chair rail, it gives off a welcoming feeling that goes well with just about any other color in the room.
  • Intense White. Another misnomer. This paint isn’t intense nor is it completely white. It has grey overtones that make it an ideal neutral color that brings down the temperature in a room. If you are afraid of trying a bolder color, this is a great substitute.

These are some potential color options, but there’s more to transforming a room into a cool oasis than simply selecting a paint chip.

Our Professional Painting Services Bring the Cool to the Room

If you are planning to freshen up a room, don’t risk the project falling flat because the job isn’t done by professional painters who know what you want and know how to deliver it. At All American Painting Plus we have been providing professional painting service to homeowners in Springfield, Haymarket, Crystal City, Tysons Corner, and all over Northern Virginia for more than 12 years. You can count on us for superior craftsmanship and exceptional customer service.

There’s no shortage of house painters to choose from in Northern Virginia. But when you want an enjoyable, hassle free, affordable painting project completed, you want All American Painting Plus. Find out why we have received 12 consecutive Super Service Awards from Angie’s List for yourself. Call us now and let’s talk about cooling down your house.