Making interior design choices can be difficult. Some homeowners struggle between going for more traditional, rustic features or cutting-edge, modern designs. But why not go for both? Barn doors combine countryside nostalgia with modern appeal, and they’re growing in popularity. Unlike typical doors that rotate via hinges, barn doors slide left or right along a track. If you’re unfamiliar with these doors, you probably wonder why they’ve been trending in recent years. To give you an idea, let’s examine some of the advantages of installing barn doors in your home.

Aesthetic Value and Versatility

Whether it’s residential painting or renovation, most interior design choices are made with aesthetics in mind. Barn doors certainly add a unique flair to a home. They can be as simple as a single door on a basic track, two doors that close on one another in the center, or more extravagant with multiple overlapping doors along a partitioned track. Depending on the size and shape of the room, you can get creative with how you’ll implement these barn doors.

Even if you go the simple route and just opt for a single door, this door can double as a type of wall art. Because barn doors protrude from the wall in order to slide alongside it, they can strongly complement the furniture, hardware, artwork, decorations, and interior painting. Yes, there is a portal to another room behind the closed door, but you almost don’t know it because the door itself is so beautiful.

Sleek Space-Saving

Barn doors aren’t just fashionable, however. They’re quite functional, too. Traditional doors swing outward or inward, taking up space in the room when opened. You can always close the door to redeem that space, but then you’re closed off to the rest of your home. Plus, even when it’s opened, you’re limited to the small rectangular opening most normal doorways afford. So your home may still feel a bit closed off.

Barn doors allow you to have your cake and eat it too, so to speak. These doors save space by instead sliding along the wall. Whether you want the doors opened or closed, the room will always retain the same amount of space as it always did. And because barn doors can slide very far out, you can open up a large portion of your home with a simple maneuver. Plus, opening and closing these doors is safer, as you won’t risk slamming someone in the face when they try to enter or leave the room.

Sliding Solutions for Interior Paint

In addition to saving and opening up space, barn doors also help maintain a home’s interior paint job. Some traditional doors swing all the way out until their doorknobs or edges strike the adjacent wall. Over time, these hits chip away at the paint, scuff the wall, and/or dent the drywall itself. While this gives painting services something to do, as a homeowner you want to avoid this from happening in the first place.

Fortunately, sliding barn doors avoid this issue entirely. If installed properly, these doors shouldn’t touch any part of the walls or ceiling. The track on which they slide should stop the doors from reaching any walls and stick out just enough for the doors to not scratch the walls underneath them. Just keep in mind that, when home painting, you may want to temporarily remove the doors so you have full access to the walls.

Installing barn doors in your home is a triple whammy for interior design. They look both rustic and modern, save and open up space in your home, and help maintain your interior paint. Of course, if you decide to go with barn doors, you have to start thinking about what colors to paint them. The professional painters at All American Painting Plus can help you choose the right colors for your barn doors and the rest of your home. To learn more about all that we do, give us a call at (703)-620-5563!