In the U.S., yoga has been growing in popularity at an exponential rate. Stats from 2016 show that nearly 37 million Americans participated in yoga that year, nearly twice as many as in 2012 (approximately 20 million). Yoga’s growth and staying power seems to indicate that this mindful exercise practice is more than just a trend. As a result, more people are attending yoga classes or transforming one of their rooms into a yoga studio.

While everyone practices in different ways, certain colors might make a yoga room more suitable for focus and relaxation. Whether you own your own public studio or a private one, here are some interior painting colors to reinvigorate your yoga studio.

Eye-Popping Pink

Pink is a naturally energizing color. A room with pink walls can stimulate the mind just before getting the body into some serious poses. This color scheme is perfect for types of yoga such as Kundalini and Vinyasa, which feature more active and athletic forms.

Painting the room pink can also give the studio its own identity. You won’t regularly find places with pink walls, so your yoga studio will stand out. When you’re inside, your mind and body will know it’s time to let everything else go and simply focus on yoga.

Neutral, Natural, and Bright

Yoga practice is strongly tied to the movements of nature. It’s fitting, then, for your yoga studio to reflect or enhance nature’s beauty as you pose. If your studio features large windows where sunlight can enter, paint your space with light colors to maximize the brightness. Keep things simple with beiges, browns, grays, and whites. Lighter shades of purple (lavender) and blue can also emphasize the natural light.

To evoke other aspects of nature such as forests or plant life, consider painting with shades of green. These colors breathe life and energy into a yoga studio, connecting you with the natural world.

Yellows and Oranges

Anyone who has practiced yoga before is familiar with sun salutations. Indeed, the sun plays an important role in yoga, a symbol of enlightenment and revelation. To bring forth this natural energy source, try painting the studio shades of yellow and/or orange. These bright, warm colors are calming and welcoming like warm sunlight on your face.

Just about any shade of either color will do. If your studio has windows, the lighter shades will bring more natural light into the room. For a more relaxing and intimate atmosphere, darker shades will do.

Get Creative with Color

No one says you have to stick to one color or color scheme when studio painting or home painting. Yoga, though elegant and structured, can also be fun and creative, so your paint job should reflect that. Consider hiring pro painters to paint a mural in your yoga studio. Or, introduce contrasting colors to make the room more engaging. There are no rules as long as your yoga studio fits your needs.

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