Many people view fall as the best time of year. While some love it for the cool air, bright colors, or hearty food, others are in it primarily for football season. Part of the fun of football season is watching games with friends and family. If you want to host some viewing parties of your own, taking on a home painting project can revamp your den, deck, or both!

Optimize Your Den for Football

If you’re entertaining a group for the game, you’re probably going to huddle in the den, or wherever you keep the biggest available TV in the house. Your first priority should be clearing enough space for everyone attending. Football games can get rowdy, whether on the field or in the living room, so clearing the space of fragile objects is a smart idea. There should also be enough furniture so everyone can sit, even if people end up standing up after every play anyway.

Snacks and drinks also play a big role during game time. Make sure your den has enough tables to hold as many bowls, bags, plates, bottles, and cans as possible. Be sure to keep cleaning supplies on hand in case of a spill.

Beyond space and safety, your den should have a fun, party atmosphere. Consider doing some interior painting to revamp the whole look. If you’re a diehard fan of a certain team, you could paint the room with that team’s colors. If this is a bridge too far, consult a painting service for ideas on what color to paint your den for football season and beyond. Dark colors will give the space a more intimate feel, while lighter colors will open up the space, making it feel larger. Consider the needs of your den and how many bodies you plan on fitting inside it before making these calls.

Get Decked Out for Game Time

Though football season eventually bleeds into winter, the weather can stay pretty temperate for the first half. Many people continue to utilize their deck to cookout and drink before, during, and after the game. Plus, since most people carry smartphones at all times, the game doesn’t have to stop when the TV is another room.

If you plan on bringing the party outside for game time or half time, make sure your deck is in proper condition to hold all these people. Not only should the deck be clear of debris and power washed beforehand, it should be sturdy, stable, and devoid of rot or serious damage. If you have the time or the deck needs it, you could also hire pro painters to paint or stain your deck before you plan on hosting a deck party – or try doing it yourself.

Whether you decide to hire home painters or tackle the job yourself, football season is a great time to give your den or deck a facelift before winter rolls through. All American Painting Plus, Inc. can help your prepare for the big game. If you’re in need of interior or exterior painting, power washing, rotted wood replacement, or more, we have you covered. Give us a call at 703-620-5563, or email us at for more information!