Finding contractors for any job is a challenge, especially for homeowners who are doing it for the first time. Experienced professionals have had the time and money to try out the skills of dozens of professional contractors, but the average home project requires only enough time to see results from a single contractor or team of contractors.

When it comes to painting your house in our great Commonwealth, we hope that you’ll find the best Virginia painting contractors. And while All American Painting Plus is available for much of the state, there are some areas too far away for us to service. Therefore, we’d like to offer up the All American Painting Plus guide to finding great paint contractors, because we want everybody to have great paint work done, even people who are not our customers.

What to Look For Online

Most great painting contractors will have an online presence. All American Painting Plus makes sure to put up pictures of our work, an easy way to get a free estimate, and details about all of the other kinds of jobs our team routinely does. Look for information like this, and make sure it is easily accessible, easy to understand, and well organized.

You should also look for independent reviews. Many services make this available. People tend to give their unvarnished opinions in online reviews, so don’t let an isolated bad review affect your opinion. However, if bad reviews of certain aspects of a contractor’s work history start to indicate a pattern, move on to another options.

Of course, some great painters don’t have an online presence, so…

Ask For Recommendations

If you have a friend who has recently had their house painted, ask who did it. You can also go through services like Thumbtack to find contractors who don’t have websites or who were otherwise not found through your primary search. All American Painting Plus gets much of our business through word of mouth, so we’re always glad of clients who ask for recommendations.

Know What Your Job Requires

Do some research about the size and scope of the project you are seeking contractors to complete. If you understand exactly what you need (including painting needs, power washing, carpentry repair, etc.) you’ll find that contractors are able to give you much more accurate estimates.

Shop Around

Contractors offer free estimates for a reason. Once you’ve had a contractor over to your house and they’ve given you an estimate, it’s often very easy to just hire them on the spot. And while this is appreciated by the contractor, it’s not always the best way to save money. Line up 2 to 4 free estimates from different individuals and different companies. Hire only the team that offers the best value.

All American Painting Plus isn’t always able to serve clients, either because they are too far away or because our schedule is already too full. Whoever does your paint job, we hope that it’s done as well as possible. Using these steps, you should be able to find a great contractor.