People ask us all the time about the relationship between a fresh coat of paint and home equity. This is a complicated conversation, but generally speaking, the fresher and nicer your paint job, the more someone will be willing to pay for your home. There are practical and subconscious reasons for this. On the one hand, if you’ve invested in a new coat of paint by professional Virginia painting contractors, that’s an expense that a new buyer will be spared. On the other hand, a good paint job looks great, and will make your home very attractive, thus increasing your equity.

You don’t have to paint your entire house to see this benefit, however. There are many touch-ups that can be performed throughout your house that will make an enormous difference, without forcing you to invest in a full home painting. One of the most important is focusing on the appearance of your front door. There are many reasons why an attractive front door is great for the value of your home. Here are a few.

Your Front Door is a Point of First Impression. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. If you want a more beautiful home, the front door is a great place to start in this regard. When a front door is drab and boring, All American Painting Plus sees that as a missed opportunity. A front door should be a notable contrast to the colors of the rest of the house. Whether it is a big bold red or a somber and conservative dark grey, the front door should make a statement. It should be painted with great care. In many ways, it’s your home’s “face”.
The Front Door Provides Protection. Homebuyers are all concerned with security to one degree or another. A strong, impressive front door is a good way to make someone feel that your home is secure. If you have a cheap door that has existed in your home for a long time, maybe it’s time to invest in something more substantial. All American Painting Plus does carpentry work in addition to painting. We can source a quality hardwood door for you, install it, and paint it to a high level of quality.
The Front Door Sets the Tone. When someone enters your home, they spend a little time on your porch or stoop waiting for you to let them in. This time is usually spent staring at your front door. Whether your visitors are friends and family, or prospective buyers with their real estate agent, a nicely painted front door is exactly the kind of household element you want them waiting in front of. Quality paint work sets the tone for the entire house that they are about to enter into.

There are lots of reasons to buy a quality front door and paint it tastefully. These reasons pertain to security, beauty and value. If you are a homeowner, your front door is one of the best, and most affordable, places you can put your money. Talk to All American Painting Plus about how to make the most of your front door.