The conference room: a place to share and sell ideas, strategize, brainstorm, impress new clients, build team spirit, and dozens of other business uses. This room, or rooms if you have different spaces for different functions, can be the most important space in your facility because it is where ideas are exchanged. How you decorate and equip this space will make a difference in how effective it is in getting the most out of those ideas.

At All American Painting Plus, a Reston-based commercial and residential painting contractor, we have been providing professional painting services to businesses all over Northern Virginia for nearly two decades. Conference rooms have become something of a specialty for us. We have clients who may change the color more than once per year because the room changes purposes regularly.

Business studies show that color has a psychological effect on employees and clients. Certain colors are associated with eliciting certain emotions. Conference rooms are not a big interior painting project. If you swap out eggshell white for a more inspiring color, you won’t be digging too deep into your commercial painting budget.

Here’s a short list of colors and emotions they encourage. Please note that we are using the names of primary colors but there are an infinite number of shades and tints for each.

Launch a Campaign, Build a Team, Impress a Prospect

Why not take advantage of every edge you can get as a business leader? Setting the environment gives you a leg up in achieving your goal.

  • Red. This color gets the blood pumping. It symbolizes energy, strength, power, passion, desire, love, and determination. If you want to get your audience fired up, this is the color you want to use.
  • Purple. This color brings ambition, wealth, independence, creativity, and mystery to mind. A positive color to impress some clients, it is also an inspiring color for thinking creatively.
  • Blue. Loyalty, trust, confidence, wisdom, intelligence, faith, and truth are all associated with the various shades of blue. This is where you sell the company’s mission. Use this color when sealing deals with new vendors.
  • Gray. That’s right, gray. You might think this would fall into the same institutional boredom category as eggshell white, but it doesn’t. A pale gray wall with crisp white trim portrays the ultimate in professionalism.

Color and lighting can play an important part in improving the quality of meetings held in your conference room. If you want to get that “edge,” give us a call today and we will be happy to visit your facility and offer our suggestions.

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