There are some colors of interior paint and exterior paint which seem timeless. Grey is one of the best. While we don’t usually think of grey as colorful, exciting, or even particularly pleasant, grey is a canvas on which to paint the rest of your beautiful home. All American Painting Plus recommends grey paint for residential properties all the time. Here are some simple reasons why.


  • Grey Works With Everything. When grey paint is used for a home’s interior, it has a way of matching everything else in the home. Lots of people say the same of white, but we find that a gentle grey is even more versatile. Grey comes in many different shades, each of which can perform a different function in your home. If you don’t want to worry overly much about the way future furniture and decorations will match your paint, go with grey.
  • Grey is Versatile. Grey is very popular and versatile. Because it is so widely used, it comes in dozens of different shades, from ultra-light to extremely dark. If you want a room that feels light and cheerful, a pale grey can provide the atmosphere, while making the rest of your furniture and decorations pop in contrast. A dark grey can make a room restful and serene, without being as severe as black.


    1. Grey Ages Well. Any painting contractor will attest to the fact that grey paint ages well on the exterior of a home. Bright colors lose their sheen quickly, but grey retains much of its sharp, charming appearance, even when it is no longer new. The same is true inside the home. While bright white paint is easy to stain, even showing fingerprint smudges, grey resists looking dirty.


  • Grey Appeals to Many Tastes. If you wish to sell your home one day, or if you plan to rent it out to another party, grey is a great color for widespread appeal. While bright colors and elaborate patterns might appeal to your personal tastes, it might be a turnoff to someone who is considering your home for future habitation. If you are one day going to put your home on the market, grey is your friend.
  • Grey is Cheap. While paint can be mixed in any color you can think of, you can still save money by choosing grey. Grey is such a popular choice that it is made into products that are both affordable and of a very high quality. If you want to choose emerald green in a very high quality paint, you will have very few options on the market, and all of them will be expensive. If you want a high quality grey paint, you have lots of affordable options at your fingertips.

All American Painting Plus makes recommendations to our customers all the time. Grey paint for inside and out is one of the ones we pass on most frequently, and we know that our customers are always happy with the decision. Next time you need All American Painting Plus for any job, big or small, ask us how to make grey paint work for you!