The holidays are a time of year when families and friends reunite, strangers exchange kind words, and work winds down before the new year begins. Well, that last part may not be true for everyone. While some offices and stores shut down for the holidays, other professions remain hard at work. It turns out that commercial painting contractors are one of them.

Why Winter for Commercial Painting?

Winter might seem like the worst time to tackle painting jobs. This might be true for exterior painters, sure. But commercial painters have plenty to do on the inside of buildings, no matter how frightful the weather outside may be.

The holidays present a good opportunity for businesses to freshen up the interior of their offices and storefronts for the new year. Companies that close during this time don’t have to worry about losing business while painting companies get to work. Then, when it’s time to open back up, customers and employees can enjoy seeing a fresh coat of paint. By this time, much of that new paint smell will have dissipated as well.

Also, there is an increased demand for commercial painting services just before the holidays as businesses prepare for the holiday shopping season. Retail and specialty stores do their most business during this time of the year. From Black Friday to Christmas Eve, storefronts must look their best to sell the most stuff. Of course, part of this involves how displays are set up and how well a store advertises its products. Still, freshly painted walls make a store more welcoming. With a clean, bright atmosphere, customers will want to spend more time browsing and adding items to their cart.

More than Painting for the Holidays

Businesses are wise to invest in interior painting around the holidays. This also presents a good opportunity for businesses to take care of maintenance, repairs, and renovations. Some commercial painting companies offer additional services. All American Painting Plus won’t just paint a business’s interior, we’ll make drywall repairs, replace rotted wood, and power wash the exterior.

The colder months can take a toll on both the outside and inside of a building. By taking preventative measures and making necessary repairs, a business is less likely to experience much larger problems as the season goes on. At All American Painting Plus, our professional painters are trained in ensuring that a company’s office or storefront is as secure as possible and that it looks great for the holidays and beyond.

This holiday season, many people will take a well-deserved break from their responsibilities to relax with friends and family. Many commercial painters will, too, of course. However, these workers stay busy during the holidays, making businesses look and feel better for the upcoming year.

This year, remember to give thanks to these hard-working people. And if your business needs painting or repair work done this holiday season, contact All American Painting Plus, Inc. at 703-620-5563 or email us at for more information!