The main purpose of a home is to provide shelter. But homes are so much more than that. This is where people eat, sleep, relax, and gather with loved ones. Homes are like representations of ourselves, filled with the things we love and enjoy. While we all require shelter, we also want our homes to be beautiful, inviting, and unique. We can achieve this through interior painting and decorating, as well as landscaping. But perhaps the most significant way to enhance the beauty of our homes is with finish carpentry.

Finish carpentry refers to the more intricate and artistic end of trim carpentry. This is where master craftsmen carve beautiful designs and patterns into the wood and carefully measure every piece of the puzzle to make a home truly pop. Much of the work can even be done before the home is fully constructed and the painting part is usually left to painting contractors. Here are six ways finish carpentry can make homes more beautiful, inside and out.

1. Ornament Doorways and Windows

One of the more notable places you’ll find finish carpentry is around doors and windows. Framing these portals makes each room and area of a home feel distinct and significant. The eye is already naturally drawn to these spaces, so finish carpenters can make the view even more enjoyable by ornamenting these frames with perfect symmetry.

2. Memorable Mantelpieces

A fireplace makes a home feel warmer, even when the logs aren’t burning. These centerpieces become even more special when framed with finish carpentry. At the top of these frames is often a mantelpiece that provides shelving space for picture frames, plants, clocks, and other decorations. All of this combined makes for a beautiful gathering place, tying the entire room together.

3. Baseboards and Crown Moldings Hide the Gaps

We may take baseboards and crown moldings for granted, but they’re extremely important factors in making a home more beautiful. Without them, we’d see the seams between the walls, floors, and ceilings. It would also be easy to notice errors made by home painters when cutting in. Baseboards and crown moldings don’t just hide these gaps, they complete the room. If crafted and installed well, they make a room look and feel less boxy and rigid, and overall more appealing.

4. Make Staircases More Inviting

Just as a home shouldn’t simply be a place for shelter, staircases shouldn’t only serve to get you up or down a floor. Walking up or down stairs should be an enjoyable experience. Many homeowners place picture frames or art along the walls next to stairs to achieve this, but the carpentry itself should also be inviting. Railings should beckon your hand and the stairs themselves should encourage you to walk on them. Spiral and curved staircases are often fun and novel to ascend, but even a straight-laced staircase can provide a pleasant pathway if ornamented and crafted with care.

5. Shelves and Storage Spaces That Please the Eye

Except for minimalists, most people have a lot of stuff, and it all needs to go somewhere. Finish carpenters can make these storage and display spaces appealing fixtures in a home. Function can also be fashionable, after all. Bookshelves and entertainment centers should fit in like the rest of the furniture, matching the colors of the room installed by painting services. And they should yield the same symmetry and ornamentation featured on door frames, window frames, and mantelpieces.

6. Finish Carpentry for Curb Appeal

Finish carpentry won’t just enhance the beauty of a home’s interior; it plays an important role for beautifying the exterior as well. Many homes feature plenty of external wooden surfaces, or surfaces that could use some ornamentation. Finish carpenters can do everything from enhancing the look of your deck to crafting and installing beautiful trim for your roof or balcony. Curb appeal matters whether or not you’re selling your home. You want your home to look its best from the outside as well as the inside.

We spend a lot of time in our homes. We should make these spaces our own, adding beauty when and where we can. Finish carpentry offers the best way to do this, especially when in concert with professional painters. All American Painting Plus provides both finish carpentry and professional painting services, so you can count on our people to make your home look better than ever without having to hire multiple contracting services. Give us a call at 703-620-5563 or email us at for more information!