When you think of a conference room, the word “beautiful” probably doesn’t come to mind. Historically, these rooms were often designed to be anything but comfortable or appealing. The purpose of a conference room is to gather team members to hash out ideas, go over issues, and plan for the future. Beauty doesn’t seem to factor in. However, a comfortable office is a more productive office. When employees enjoy their work environment, they contribute more and think more creatively. Making your conference room more beautiful might actually serve a purpose for your business. Here are five ways to do just that.

1. Open it Up

Smaller spaces may be more intimate, but they can become stifling and claustrophobic, especially when occupied by a big group. Larger, open spaces give everyone room to breathe. This decreases tension in the conference room. People may feel more encouraged to speak up and share their ideas. An open space also allows for more people to enter. This makes it possible to hold meetings for the entire office, not just a few staff members at a time. This literal openness translates to a feeling of openness in the workplace in general.

2. Clean the Clutter

Part of opening up a conference room involves getting rid of unnecessary clutter. If your conference room features an excess of furniture, cables, or trinkets, consider removing what you can. You want your conference room to yield focus and communication. Disorganized spaces can become distracting. Cleaning up the clutter will remove potential distractions and also make the conference room appear larger and more open. It will also give you the opportunity to mop, dust, and sweep the room’s surfaces.

3. Choose the Right Colors

Painting is perhaps the most significant way to make your conference room more beautiful. It’s important to pick the right interior painting colors, though. Research suggests that different colors can affect our moods. The standard white conference room might hinder creativity. On the contrary, bright greens, oranges, and yellows can liven up the space. Staff members who enter a colorful (within reason) conference room will feel a spark of energy. Simply hiring a painting service to make this change can go a long way in fostering stronger communication and boosting morale. The room will look better, too.

4. Fun and Functional Furniture

Conference rooms don’t have to be sterile, intimidating places. Every business operates differently, but many newer companies are making comfort a key component in the workplace. Standard, upright chairs might work for certain occasions. But for less serious meetings, nothing’s wrong with beanbag chairs, couches, or other furniture typically found in living rooms. This laid-back approach won’t just modernize your conference room, it can actually increase trust and camaraderie among team members.

5. Let the Light In

Natural light can make a conference room look and feel significantly better. The best way to maximize light entry is to install new, large windows. Interior painting contractors can further emphasize natural light by painting the room certain colors. While white might not be the most exciting conference room color, it will let in the most light. However, so will other colors on the lighter end of the spectrum, such as yellow and light blue. If you’re unsure about which colors will serve your conference room best, consult professional painters. They’ll be able to help you choose colors that reflect the most natural light.

Companies can do a lot to make their conference rooms more beautiful. Doing so may actually contribute to the company’s success. Clean, open, comfortable, and colorful spaces are conducive to productivity and creativity. If your conference room needs a makeover, hire a reliable commercial painting company. All American Painting Plus will take care of your painting needs and so much more. Call us today at 703-620-5563 or email us at info@aapplus.com for more information and a free estimate!