If you are considering selling your Northern Virginia house, the Reston, VA-based residential painting experts at All American Painting Plus have a few tips on how to maximize chances for a great sales price.

Studies show there are a couple of rooms that can help close the deal or turn it sour. The kitchen and master bath make the most memorable impression with home buyers. Do it right and you get the best price. It makes sense, then, that you present these rooms in their best light, and the easiest way to do that is with a little interior painting.

Optics are everything when selling real estate. You can’t cook a meal when inspecting a kitchen, but you can imagine what cooking a meal will be like. What you see fuels your imagination.

What you probably didn’t know is that there is a correlation between wall color and sale price. Online real estate giant Zillow recently released a study that uncovered some surprising facts.

Why White Just Isn’t Right

Conventional practice is to paint walls neutral colors like white or eggshell. The Zillow report defies that logic. Bathroom walls painted in light shades of powder blue and periwinkle bring in $5,000 more in sales price over homes with a neutral color in the bath.

Why? Bathrooms are pretty much standardized in appearance. Sparkling white everything connotes clean and sanitary. There are no surprises in an all-white bath. Paint a bathroom wall an attractive color and you immediately distinguish your bath from the competition.

Kitchens are a bit different. Wall colors are important but the color of appliances usually grab the eyes of prospective buyers first. That said, Zillow claims kitchen walls painted in soft blues and blue-gray tones tend to drive home values up around $1,800.

Professional Interior Painting Sells

There’s no question that changing the color of a room is the fastest and most cost-effective modification you can make when preparing to sell your home. Bathrooms and kitchens top the list in importance, but nearly every space can benefit from an attractive palette.

Zillow claims that this year, shades of blue and gray are hot, saying “dining rooms in slate blue, blue-gray, and even navy blue, when paired with distressed white ‘shiplap’ finishes, sold for an average of nearly $2,000 more.” The key here is the phrase “this year.” Paint popularity can be trendy. For example, last year yellow was the color for kitchens.

How can you be certain you’re picking the right color? Simple: have the interior house painters at All American Painting Plus help you with your project. With over a decade of experience in residential painting, they are on top of what’s hot and what’s not from Alexandria to Reston. With a reputation for uncommon craftsmanship and on-time, on-budget delivery, you can count on All American Painting Plus to turn your “hot rooms” into “hot sellers.”

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